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Suitable topics for discussion on the community forum. Where do we go from here?

Thought I’d start a new thread!

A related topic would be thread drift.( Guilty as charged!). Do we need a ’ start a new thread flag’?

I am sure that anyone who wants to start a new topic will do so. We have done so far :slight_smile:

But I am not sure I understand your question. Do you mean a new topic in this particular category forum- the Home & Lifestyle?

Or the Community feedback category?

Or any?

Or even within a discussion as it develops. What are the boundaries. 'Can we go there ?'sort of a question.

If the community coordinator had thought it was an unsuitable topic, they wouldn’t have let the thread reach the size it has. I stopped reading the thread, but I presume that the discussion later turned nasty. I don’t intend reading it to find out, but the thread hasn’t been removed…

Mentors are pretty sharp on this - they are able to move posts to new or existing threads that might be more suitable or if someone has posted in error.

Sometimes it helps if a suggestion to do this is made by other members if conversation has run entirely off topic.

Members are able to mark entire threads as ‘mute’ (they won’t ever see them again) if they don’t fancy reading any more or aren’t interested in the topic (sorry NFL thread).

If something is posted that one or more people find offensive or if it is in contravention of the community rules / guidelines then it will be hidden, considered and either removed or reinstated.

I was surprised at the action taken because it was all pretty civil at the time. Controversial topics were being discussed, but not in particularly narky way (IMO anyway).

Afraid not, it segued from World War 2 history to wine matches for twiglets then got the chop.


Community members thought the discussion was very civilised.

Reiterate my apology by the way.(thread drift!)

That’s the reason! Twiglets are the cause of evil in this world.


:scream: :scream:
Not if you dip them in Palo Cortado before taking a bite.


Is a Twiglet still a Twiglet when dipped in Palo Cortado?

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Sounds like a Twiglado to me.


Yes, I was surprised. It would have been helpful to have some explanation of what was considered nasty, if only as a warning for the future.
It was intermittently wine-related, and certainly no more unrelated than some other topics.

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Mentor TeresaGirao has added to the thread why it was closed.

As it was in the Home & Lifestyle category rather than a wine category I can’t see it mattered that it didn’t discuss wine


She’s the Community Manager :slight_smile:

Read it. Playing with a very straight bat. Show the bowler the maker’s name I was taught at Cricket. I was a poor opener for a while.

Nobody said it was nasty, and @TeresaGirao has already given an explanation.

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Well, that’s kind of the main purpose of this forum!

Give it a go. Tell us what you’re drinking, what made you buy it and what you think of it. We’re all learning from each other’s experiences here.


Is this a change in policy…? I’ve lost count of the number of threads in which the content has been far more inflammatory and likely to lead to flagged posts, and don’t ever recall this sort of pre-emptive censorship.

Surely something ought actually to have been flagged to trigger that decision? Genuinely bemused by this as an explanation.


Not cracked the blur icon yet, sorry.