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Suggestions Please - Vieux Telegraphe 2016 CdP

I’m not at all familiar with CdP, and could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve tried it in my ~12 year wine journey.

On a whim, picked up a bottle of 2016 Vieux Telegraphe. I’d like some suggestions please on:

  • How best to serve, in terms of decanting and temperature?
  • Food pairings. What dishes does it sit well alongside?

Thank you!


This was offered in the EP, and Marcel’s notes (available here) " 2016 produced a quite spectacular Télégraphe, packed with rich-tasting fruit and great promise for long-term keeping. 2024–2040"

Sounds like you have a good one!

So my advice is to bury this somewhere for a long time. I’d suggest that, given that the society tends to be quite conservative in the drinking dates, that it could last beyond 2040, particularly given the quality of the vintage.


Yes, you could wait, but if it’s a wine you haven’t tried before that means that you won’t know until 2040 whether to buy another one, and then you might have to wait until 2055 to drink that.

It’s up to you and how patient you are, but I’d try it fairly soon, or at most wait a year or 2. CdP can get better with age, but VT is likely to be very good even young, and you need to know if you will be a convert.


I’ve just had a 2007 and it was drinking wonderfully with no sign of decline. It also needed time to open up.

@SPmember makes a good point in trying it to see if you like it, however it will not be showing at it’s best just yet.


I’d hazard a guess it may well be in its youthful awkward phase - not gone to maturity but not quite showing the youthful exuberance of the fruit.
I’d wait until it’s 10th birthday at least, give a 2-3 hour decant and serve with something rich and comforting (stew, beef, lamb tagine/shanks, venison etc etc)


@joem Sounds to me like you bought this wine to try it. I’ve had this wine young and it is smooth, well structured, lots of rich dark fruit, peppery and spicy, but tannic. Yes it will benefit from ageing but can be drunk now. Serve at 16-18 degrees and decant for 2-3 hours. Enjoy and let us know what you do.