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Suggestions for petit condrieu


My partner and I are big fans of Viognier and Condrieu in particular. Love the combination of fruits, creaminess and earthiness.

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for petit condrieus? (ie. viognier that are close to, or similar to condrieu)


The Rhone en primeur offer has some viogniers made by Condrieu growers, but which don’t quite qualify for Condrieu status, for a variety of reasons. That’s probably the ‘closest’ you’re likely to get.

Separately, while not sure I’d describe them as close to Condrieu, Yalumba in Australia do a range of (3 or 4 I think) viogniers at various price points. Some of them can be found in Waitrose.


Thanks for that! Will definitely explore further. Do you have in any particular you’d suggest?


Others may have more experience. I’ve not tried many. But to try and change that, I have ordered the Rhone Viognier mixed case from the same offer which gives you quite a good spread at a range of prices. You could try one of those and use it to figure out which ones you like.


if you can get this I would recommend it - Viognier, Vin de Pays, Domaine Jean-Michel Gerin

So close to Condrieu but classified as Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaneans