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Suggestions? champagne alternative


Post Xmas and recovering from manflu with dulled tastebuds and sense of smell… I have a yearning for Champagne. Veuve Cliquot ideally, TWS brut in 2nd place. Regretfully a financially unsustainable enjoyment - even for purely medical purposes.

Can the good folk of this forum suggest an alternative fizz from TWS they really enjoy, must be bone dry (which thankfully rules out prosecco) and come in below £15.

January 2020 on The Community
End of Dry January inspiration required!

This might not sound immediately convincing, but I tried this just before Christmas and was blown away by the complexity and Champagney-ness of this:

It’s top of my affordable bubbly list at the moment, anyway. :smiley:


A few weeks ago I took some Ginglinger Cremant d’Alsace to share with some friends. It went down very well and very quickly. Not quite bone dry but nevertheless lovely drink. Currently out of stock I see but I suppose it will be back sooner or later.


I liked this one too


This one’s a cracker:

Very moreish! :+1:


Society’s Sparkling Saumur always does the trick for me.


I can sometimes tolerate this. If it was at £9.50/bottle with an extra 25% off for six. Bit more champagney somehow.


Au contraire as they say in Italy or somewhere…

While most Prosecco sold here is ‘Extra Dry’ which means it is not dry, there is Brut Prosecco to be found and last year ‘Brut Nature’, i.e. zero dosage was approved as a Prosecco alternative.


I’m a big fan of these two:


Many thanks for all the suggestions… best practice might be to get a selection and work my way through them. Looking forward to springtime - somehow Cava etc. seem appropriate.


Conde de Haro it is then


I came here to recommend looking at Limoux, we had loads of it in the Languedoc and loved it! Great to see TWS stocking it.


Apologies in advance if this inadvertedly offends anybody but I keep looking at the name Ginglinger and wondering if it means something like “try to avoid work by pretending to be a redhead”.



I’m sure I’ve been called that at some point! :laughing:


Might it have been when your partner first met you?
“Hey Ginge, linger longer…”


I can second the Conde de Haro, it’s great!


Why, that’s exactly what I said to mine! :+1::grinning:


That’s me sorted for fizz ! (2 x Conde because more votes above). Wasn’t Ginglinger & his missus in the news this week?


Let us know how you get on!


I second this nomination :face_with_monocle::champagne: