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Struggling with a quiz question


Sorry for the rather random post, but there is a quiz question that has been bugging me all weekend… any pointers would be welcome before I go mad.


Let me just get the Enigma machine out… :face_with_monocle:
Is there a particular theme to the quiz?


No, but some questions might be based on recent / current news items.


OK, I’ll give it a go! :+1:


Nope! I’m getting nowhere with it… :exploding_head:


I’ll share the answer Friday latest…


My guess is “D”

Not sure I should reveal my workings till I know if it is right!


if you could share your logic in a direct message that would be great… I will confirm on Friday if right


Well, it could be “W” or “T” also. That means three explanations and why I have gone for one of them above the others! OK, maybe later today… hopefully.


My maths teacher despised questions where you had to give the next number in a sequence - on the basis that you use any number and devise a rule that generates it


True, although doing so is a skill in its own right!


I think he might have told use how to do it as well, but I always switched off when he started on that tack, as I could see no practical value. It’s only good for annoying question setters, at the risk of losing marks.


You could use the “spoiler” tag like this


Correction - now I’ve written it down I see I should have said the answer is “W”, with “T” a somewhat distant second.


Well, yes, but sequences and series are phenomenally important in all manner of the sciences, not to mention cryptography.

This is only a bit of fun. The answer may well be “they are the initial letters of Freddy Mercury’s other siblings”. There is always likely to be more than one answer to this sort of question - it depends on how convincing you find the answers to be. And in that context, nothing is stronger than the power of prediction. An answer that gives, say, the letter that follows after the one sought as well as that one, will be preferred over one that just predicts the missing one.

It’s up to the reader to judge whether the answer is based on sound judgment or is just like seeing faces in the fire. Or in other words, a sense of humour is a help. Caveat lector.


What was the answer?


The answer was G… part of the quiz master’s name backwards… blood boiling


I feel a little less disappointed that it defeated me now


That’s a terrible clue!

I’m even more intrigued by @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis’s answer now, though!


I bet you won’t be when you hear it!

(it will come (of course) with the explanation that it is a far better answer than the lame one given so far (!))