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Storing wine on its side is nonsense and may damage cork


Storing wine on its side won’t prevent corks drying out, and may even accelerate their degeneration, according to Amorim’s director of R&D, Dr. Miguel Cabral.

Amorin is the major wine cork producer. Dr. Cabral uses a more blunt word than nonsense.

Article ishere


That is interesting. Also the point that bottled wines do not need a humid environment.


That’s pretty massive news


I would still bet that the cork industry is responsible for more spoilt wine than storing on the side…


I’ve read the abstract , that is all it is an abstract. I’m trying to access the full paper but in fact there may not be one . The conclusions arrived at are not statistically significant (i.e.: don’t have a P value ) therefore it’s irrelevant. You cannot make such claims without a proper study to back them up and as is usual in such claims, there’s no significance here .


If you click through from that article there are three others, but all the messages are coming from the same source and it is all “we are embarking upon with” so despite the initial headline making phrases little has been practically proved, there is a long way to go with all this, there is a lot of summary of thoughts.
And in the end does it really make a difference that is all that really matters.