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Storing DP wine off-site


I’ve just received my mixed Mark Haisma case, and was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions as to where to send the wine for storage. I have IB bottles stored at LCB via both Lay + Wheeler and FRW, but does anyone have any particular recommendations one way or the other (or any other options)?


@Mooble I had a similar query myself just recently and ended up convincing myself to acquire a wine storage cabinet for home. Is that an option?

Faced with the cost of new cabinets I picked up an older EuroCave on eBay for much less than I thought (~£150)


I’ve used a few and I find Lay and Wheeler at Vinotheque to be best for me on balance; the storage fees are competitive, it is easy to sell in their marketplace, their website is user-friendly, they are generally responsive, and delivery options are good (incl. via Majestic) and reasonably priced.

The only very slight drawbacks: very slow to land incoming orders, and marketplace fees for DP sales are fairly high.


I also received my mixed Márk Haisma case and sending it on to LCB, where I have some wines with Wimbledon Wine Cellar.


Thanks all. I did consider the eurocave option but will probably be moving cities in a few months so would like to minimise hassle! I’ve emailed L+W to see what I’d need to do. I actually emailed FRW (who have better storage rates IIRC) asking the same thing a week ago but haven’t heard anything back… Will probably keep my aligotés and the 2014 pommard PC (in an email convo, Mark said it’s drinking really well now) and send the rest to L+W if they get back to me. Oh, for a house with a proper cellar…


I use Seckfords for my odd case storage (ie not TWS). they’re good value, but have a minimum charge so I think you need 3 cases or so before it’s VFM. I guess once you’ve wine somewhere it better to send new things there.


Does anyone apart from TWS allow drawing down mixed/part cases? I now have wines with BBR and LCB as well and would be good to consolidate somewhere that didnt only allow you to take 6/12s


Lay and Wheeler allows part cases, including single bottles.