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Stopham Estate Sussex Pinot Blanc 2015


I saw a shout out for this wine on Twitter, anyone tried? Such an underrated grape.

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I absolutely love Pinot Blanc too! My favourite examples usually come from Alsace (Hugel and Trimbach) and Alto Adige (Nals Margreid is particularly good!):

Haven’t tried the Stoppham Estate one, though last summer had the Chapel Down Pinot Blanc, which I found disappointing. It was rather flat and lacklustre, and the fruit notes were really faint. I should try the Stoppham one, though - it might bring back faith in English Pinot Blanc! :blush:


I’m also a lover of Pinot blanc so this would be interesting to try , I’ll keep an eye out for it :wink:! I’ve also found some good examples coming from NZ but like @Inbar says , my benchmark is also Alsace :wink:


Any nice NZ one you recommend, @Leah?


I cant remember where I got it, might have been given it but this was really good, quite floral and melony but very high acidity.


I shall seek, and perhaps I shall find! Thanks! :+1::blush:


Another pinot blanc fan here! The best I’ve had recently was the 2015 hofstatter from alto adige, seemed a bargain at £9.50 (can’t remember, but that might have been the bin end price).


This is really wonderful and totally different from the lean and mineral Hofstätter, more like a white Burgundy as the German name suggests. Lots of good Pinot Blanc (and Auxerois) from Alsace on the WS list.


Mmmm - I hadn’t noticed that one. Temptations abound on every side…

I think my favourite Pinot Blanc at present is Rieffel’s “Gebreit” (the name of the vineyard - it’s a triangle of land between two Alsace Grand Crus). I initially came across it in France, but was pleased to find it can be had in the UK.

Incidentally, I think Pinot blanc is the wine of choice to go with crepes containing Emmenthal and smoked ham. A slightly obscure sort of match but it really does work so well.

Thanks @szaki1974 for the note about the Stopham - that may well be going on the next order.


And as Alto Adige had been mentioned twice (ok, once by me! :blush:) - I think there are producers there who also make fantastic Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris. A little less perfumed than Alsace wine, maybe a bit more understated - but delicious nonetheless! I think it’s fast becoming my favourite Italian region for white. :+1:


We had some gorgeous Weissburgunder in Baden last year, and I agree with you - they tend to be more weighty than other examples, with a lovely mouthfeel and perfume. This one has been on my wishlist for a while - so glad you jolted my memory! :+1:


I tried this at a TWS tasting last year and it was noticeably delicious, to the point where I ordered two bottles afterwards, so I can recommended it unreservedly. Good to see a UK wine beginning to challenge Alsace as well as Champagne!


Looks like we’ll all be adding to our baskets/wish lists once again :woman_facepalming:t3::+1:


It’s really very good. Personally I think Stopham are the best producers of still wine in the UK. Keep an eye out for another of their wines in the next list :wink:


Stopham works well with my wife’s Rissotto. If you live in West Sussex you can buy it by the glass at the The White Hart situated by the River Arun and next to Stopham Bridge, Pulborough, A great crisp wine.


Had the same today, was great and also would keep. TWS is on the 2017 vintage now. I think you are right £9.5 sounds like the bin end price.