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Stock discrepancy


A very polite email from TWS today.

Thank you for your order placed on 8 July 2019.
We are writing to advise that unfortunately, due to a stock discrepancy in our warehouse, we are unable to supply the case of Barolo Baudana Luigi Baudana 2010 regrettably this wine is now out of stock and our suppliers are unable to replenish our stocks. We do apologise for this error.

This unfortunately happened to me more often now than I would have liked. Stock levels were not very low when I ordered this case to reserves over a month ago so a bit baffled by the explanation given. It was a wine a tried a bottle of and just blew me away… now, and I am sure this is not true, potentially some more important people felt the same way.

I take the apology (and the credit), but quite disappointed.


All members are equal, but some members are more equal than others.


That’s such a shame! I remember this happened to you during the 13th bottle offer too so I’m really annoyed on your behalf.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has noticed more frequent occurrences of this happening (we can use this to start a wider investigation if so), but I’d also really urge you to contact Member Services about this. They may be able to offer a better explanation or do something to help.

(And I know you’ve struck through the text so it was more tongue in cheek, but I can 100% promise you we’d never take wine allocated to you to give to anyone ‘more important’! As equal shareholders you’re all equally important to us! :wink: )


eh? people don’t really think that do they? the earth is flat really and the moon landings were faked :rofl:

sorry if this was a joke and i didn’t get it.


You ordered the wine on 8 July and only today, 16 August, almost 6 weeks later, did you hear you wouldn’t get your wine.

By any chance did you ask for delivery or collection in the next few days?


It was to be transferred to member’s reserves.


I don’t really need anything, was just ever so slightly annoyed that is all. On the plus side, there are now 12 bottles less in the cellar… I would have chosen 12 different bottles though to not own if it was up to me.


Presumably the stock level didnt update after your order and others managed to get regular deliveries in before it caught up?

I’m not.sure why it takes so long to transfer wines to reserves. Presumably the wine is in the same place and if i have it delivered it can be with me in a few days so why so long to be delivered to reserves? Do the warehousing staff work that much slower than the delivery staff? Sounds like some systems in dire need of upgrading, hopefully they will be with all the other improvements planned .


On a different level I ordered some Prophets Rock Pinot 2012 from the bin end section and the 2013 Home vineyard arrived. It’s a better vineyard better vintage and more expensive on the list.
I suspect there’s no 2012 left now.
What to do?!?


We’re they showing in your reserves up until the email?


I’ve had this issue with inordinate time delay on transfer to reserves for wines that are in stock. Must be that asthmatic ant from Blackadder carrying them…

I was worried that some Alsace I bought last November had gone into the ether never to be seen again, but after a couple of calls to customer services it was tracked down…one wonders if I hadn’t chased it up whether I would be in the same place as @szaki1974.


I had the Platters 5* Wine case sat ‘waiting delivery to reserves’ for over a week, until I got worried, contacted customer service and lo and behold it was showing in my reserves the very next day. I was getting very concerned it may have been ‘lost’ somewhere (as I’ve also had a short delivery before), and remembering all the fuss about this case in the first place I was determined to get mine somewhere safe as quickly as possible :grin:


This is not confined to TWS, L&W are dreadfully slow at the moment with wine ordered to reserves in May yet to be booked in.


Bad luck! That sounds very annoying.

I tend to take a quick look through the stock each week to see if there’s anything exciting, and about a week ago there did seem to be an astonishing number of wines listed as sold out that I’m fairly sure hadn’t been the week previously - I did wonder if they’d had a stock-take that had showed unusually large discrepancies for whatever reason.