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stJohns Bread and Wine

Hello All

Im off to Bread and wine on Friday night! I’ve never been and i’m very excited… particularly about the wine menu!

Has anyone been? Any recommendations?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


This isn’t a direct answer, but we were there a few months ago and they were happy for us to pay corkage and take a bottle from our own supplies. £30 from memory.

Very well managed too - it took about 10 mins to open due to a disintegrating cork, but waiter was charming talking to us about the wine and why we had brought it. (2009 Donnhoff Spatlese - beautiful).

Obviously plenty of treasures on the St Johns list, but I think it’s also worth knowing where you can take your own and it’s not done begrudgingly.

And yes, the food, atmosphere and experience were fantastic. Very jealous, enjoy!

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Fantastic choice. Their own range is superb. Food wise, you’ll be spoiled for choice. I love their Welsh rarebit. The best in town!


Have to say there are many producers I don’t know there, but that’s partly because I don’t drink that much French wine these days. I’d be interested in the Matassa wines - haven’t tried them for ages and have had a couple of disappointments in the past, but I’m sure thee would not be. It’s clearly a very carefully curated list, and I would probably allow myself to be advised on specifics once I’d decided what regional style I fancied. Gotta be red with the food, I imagine. I like BYO, but with such an individual list I think I’d take advantage of it.

Haven’t been for three years but thought the own label Bien Autre ordinary.

Fantastic range of Cab Franc on the menu - I’d be tempted in that direction, the wine buyer at St.John clearly has an eye for it & cab franc rarely features to such an extent in restaurant menu’s. Depends what you choose from the food menu ?

Boulevard Napolean Grenache 2016 also catches my eye - bottle age is good & grenache never lets you down.

Glass of Vendange Tardive to finish, got to be !


Personally, I think the mark-up at St John is pretty high unless you’re drinking one of their own-label wines (which are perfectly good for the most part). As St John are one of the few London restaurants that openly advertise that they offer corkage (£25 for still, £40 for fizz) I’d take a bottle or two of my own if I had something nice I wanted to open. Enjoy though, Bread and Wine is definitely the most interesting of the two locations.

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Thank you all so much! Unfortunately I was away from home so no opportunity take a bottle with me. However we had a wonderful time and in the end went for one of their own label Macon. A good choice I think considering the array of different dishes we had!