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Sticky Website


Does anybody else have trouble with the site getting “stuck”? I suppose what I really mean is the “view latest topics” not working, so I have to exit the site or work backwards to the list.
Also a couple of times recently I’ve read posts, but still have them showing as unread. This seems a very new problem, the view lists issue is older.


For example it’s not working now.


And in fact the “unread” marker is still showing on posts I’ve just read.


I get exactly the same on my phone but not on chromebook or laptop.


My phone often logs me out. I thought it was just timing out but sometimes it doesn’t happen for an hour and sometimes it’s after 30 seconds. I think it started happening after an OS update. Not a big deal but a little frustrating.


I dont have any probs but then i dont use my smart phone to view the internet. i use it for calls texts only. I am on my desktop enough without having it on my phone as well. But then i havnt needed to work for nearly 15 years. When people talk about work I say whats that?


you probably need to update your phone laptop…