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Steven Spurrier

I wasn’t quite sure where to put this but I just read the news that Steven Spurrier passed away earlier today. A real loss for the world of wine.

His book ‘Wine - A Way of Life’ is one of my favourites.


Oh dear, that’s sad news. I hadn’t heard

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Where did you read that?

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Yeah, I also saw that Robert Joseph mentioned it too :frowning:


A very good, full tribute by Jancis Robinson is here


Sad news, he was a real gentleman.


I’ve just literally read the news. Such a huge loss to the world of wine. May he RIP


I am really saddened by the death of this man. Only met him a few times, most recently last Summer, when I took the kids to visit Bride Valley. He came out in the end (frail as we was recovering from some ailment) and we talked about his latest art commissions. I was giving the vineyard manager a run for the money (that I spent on their wines). It’s tough growing wines in Dorset, no kidding!

But the highlight was this tasting I attended at Handfords, where I managed to bring this home with me.

This is a man without any sense of entitlement, nor an ounce of attitude, despite his (many) great contributions to the wine world (read Taber’s book, please). He carried more knowledge about wine and winemaking then many professed experts with certificate badges under their names. A real gentleman. Respect.


An amazing man for the world of wine

Never ‘met’ him but saw him at a couple of tastings…I was stood behind him entering a FMV tasting and he started to ask “Where do I find…” I was waiting for some hint at a great producer that I must not miss…“the luncheon buffet” equally as important as it turns out !



Indeed, a sad day.
I remember reading about the “Judgement of Paris” where at a blind tasting that he organised, much “lesser” wines performed much better, than for example some 1st growths. Then, there was no annual EP tasting jamboree, and some top of the tree wines had been getting away with less than impressive wine for many years and it took this landmark tasting to begin to bring the house to come crashing down.
Conventional wisdom (the arrant nonsense) that the Wine Trade had been feeding us; was put to the sword. This, (a few years later) allowed Robert Parker Jnr. to begin to make his mark and wrest power from those in “THE KNOW” to everybody and we all came to realise that you really did not have to pay an arm and a leg for impressive wine.
I seem to remember that a Torres Black Label from Penendes did incredibly well, and became the making of that company.
I think that it would be fair to say that the Wine Establishment took unkindly to him shaking up the status quo, but in truth if it was not Steven Spurrier, it would have been another brave soul some where down the line.
For me, Steven Spurrier democratised fine wine, and for that I will be in his debt. :bouquet: RIP. :dragon:


Very sad news. RIP


A real loss to the world of wine, and a fascinating character.

I came across this a while back - a charming insight into Steven, with lots of content from him.


How very sad, many years ago he used to supply me with wine.

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