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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


I very nearly went to that, what was it like?


Yeah it was good. I’ve been 3 years on the trot.

I particularly enjoy speaking to the winemakers. I was chatting to the winemaker from Carmelita (Uco Valley, Argentina) about how he imports French barrels for the wine. Logistical nightmare and very expensive!

Also met the couple behind Montgomery wine in Wales. Memorable story of how they started out. Great wines too.

I also had a long chat with the good folk from Yapp wines. Mostly eulogisining about Alain Graillot’s wines.

The WS stand is also a highlight!

Always end up getting a bit tipsy and spending a fortune. It’s also pretty busy. But it’s £50 for me and Mrs. AB, we go with mates and it’s great fun.

You get given nice glasses too; defo not hijacking thread :wink:

Also nice to chat to Oz, Tim and Olly.

Here is Mrs. AB and Oz. Good fun. Recommended.


Sounds great! I’ll definitely have to try to make it next time :+1:


Very nice.

I do hope this whole unit lifts out of the ground and opens up at a clap of the hand :clap:


Interesting reading everyone’s replies. We have loads of glasses (too many really) from Reidel to basic Sainsbury’s stuff.
To some degree I think the right wine for the right glass debate is a load of tosh, as is the decant or not issue.
One thing I really rail about however is the Reidel “O” series for white wines. I absolutely love the red wine shapes (very hand-friendly) but why oh why are they made for white wines, where the hand warms the wine…madness!