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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


Another good place to look if you are after heavily discounted Riedels is Whitebridge Wines. They have a website that will show you their current holdings and discounts, but if you want a particular glass get on their mailing list so you find out what they have when they receive new stock.

I was told they are mainly stock returned to Riedel by shops that couldn’t sell them for some reason or another - Riedel UK is located not far from Whitebridge Wines. They are in Staffordshire just off the M6, but will deliver.


I generally use these for everyday quaffing (as I mainly favour red). I’m a sucker for larger wine glasses as they compensate for my clumsy wine swirling :+1:

Anyway, these Zara Home glasses are a dead ringer for Riedels Vinum XL Cabernet glasses. I find they always get positively remarked upon, they’re sturdy when washing, and they look like they mean business. :muscle:

At £15 for 2 I think these show some solid value, and I’m pretty certain that when you buy the first 2 you will drip feed in another cheeky pair here and there.


I use Zalto Burgundy glasses. I sometimes think they are a bit too big and some aromas get lost in them. At other times they work perfectly (and by the way, they are just the job for a bottle of Verduno Pelaverga).

But anyway, the secret to non-terrifying cleaning is continual mindfulness. Stay focussed all the time and do everything as a deliberate act. Don’t go into auto-pilot mode because that’s when things go wrong. Obviously this works as well with other glasses, but the Zaltos feel flimsier than they really are. If you have just had a good meal, it may be better to leave the cleaning of the glasses till tomorrow morning.


Can’t see that they’ve been mentioned earlier in this topic, but I’ve had the Vienna range from Habitat for the last 15 - 20 years. Classic shape, reasonably thin walled & so feel nice in the hand, survive dishwasher etc & come in two sizes: 32.5cl & 36.5cl. Normal price circa £30 for 6, but usually 30% off in their sales, which seem to happen three times a year - and which is currently still on as I write this.


We used IKEA ones for years, but now use M&S’s ‘Maxim’ range - which are excellent value for money in my opinion, and are quite stylish too. We use the same range for white, and again - very pleased with them. Sturdy but dinky at the same time. If only I could do that.


We use ISO glasses for white, and Riedel Ouverture for red. I wouldn’t mind something bigger for white, but we haven’t found the right glass yet (in truth, we haven’t tried that hard - ISOs do the job pretty well, actually). They never go in the dishwasher, not because of breakage, but to stop them from going scratched and cloudy. We do have an amazing microfibre glass-drying cloth - so much better than a regular tea towel.

We also have a pair of these :slightly_smiling_face:
They’re a pain to clean, though, and surprisingly enough, make no difference to the taste :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve recently bought also some Stolzle, their revolution white wine glass.


not my first choice but my other half thought they were aesthetically more attractive. They have proved good in use and seem hard wearing.

For dinners with friends the Riedel Bordeaux emerge when the red wine is served. we find these need more careful handling.

while for fizz I have found the chef and sommelier open up glass a good compromise between style and function, although on occasion happily use the white wine glasses for the fizz too.


I braved the cleaning and it is not too bad, except for my hand does not fit inside so slightly tricky. It is a great glass for PN. More alcoholic wines it can accentuate the alcohol, which is not great… but there is always the Nutella tumbler for those :wink:


I use the above glasses and the same fizz glasses as @Kent_wino


Bought 6 IKEAs last weekend. £1 each! My (remaining) Riedels should now last a bit longer…


I think those open up glasses were my first choice for white wine, before being overruled. However in hindsight i prefer the Stolzle. i think I am more conservative (small c) than i claim to be.


I was reminded last night just how good the Riedel Vinum Bordeaux glass is. From our “every day” wine glasses the 2014 Berton Reserve Cabernet was “nothing special”. Transferred to Riedel the wine was transformed - living up to its lofty 96 point Decanter rating.

I have a wide range of Riedel Vinum glasses but not all of them have impressed me. The Chianti is a very flexible red wine glass - almost anything works in it. The Pinot Noir is great - but shows up every fault in lesser wines. Not a fan of the Rioja glasses - look great but I think many Riojas taste better from the Bordeaux glass. I’m not a fan of the malt whisky glass either.

My sister bought me a couple of Sommelier vintage champagne glasses. They are superb.


I have a few to choose from…

Though in all honesty I mostly use a couple of Gabriel Glasses and a couple of Zalto universals.


I think my other half is glad I only collect wine bottles and not glassware too.


That looks exactly like our cabinet at home! We always see nice glasses when out shopping, we have both decided to stop buying nice glasses as we have so many to chose from although it doesn’t usually stop us lol.


Embarrassingly there’s another couple of dozen in another location…


Wonderful value vine. Their reserve shiraz is good too.


Just coming to the end of a case of the 2015 Reserve Shiraz - I agree, great value. Probably the best sub-£15 Oz Shiraz I’ve experienced. Hoping to pick up some ‘16 which is apparently just as good. I also have a couple of bottles of Berton’s 2012 Bonsai High Eden Shiraz - I’ve not tried yet. Have you?


I was lucky enough to try the range of reds at a tasting (3 wine men, Cardiff, December). From memory I wasn’t convinced it was any better than the reserve. I was only able to buy one bottle of each of the Shiraz and Cab reserve on the day unfortunately but it is available from various websites.


I was lucky enough to grab a collection of the Riedel Veritas glasses recently when John Lewis were selling them at a heavy discount £13/glass which I thought was decent. Picked up some Cab Sav, Shiraz, Riesling and Pinot Noir glasses.

Unfortunately, my wife and I need to work through a number of bottles to see if they make any difference!