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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


They look great! Not unlike the typical German “Römer” glasses which we always use for wines from that country and from Alsace.


Yep that’s what they are - or a cheap version anyway. They came out last weekend for the Von Kesselstatt Auslese actually.

As luck would have it, I’ve purchased some new glassware this week and pick them up tomorrow. Will report back after a full trial.


Enjoying my Olly Smiths too - stem length taking a while to get used to, but great size for small beer and good depth for wine nosing & tasting … and drinking!


Not only that, they are also tough: mine fell from the draining board into a china sink, bounced, and remained unscathed.


After reading @NickH’s post, I looked up the Gabriels, and treated myself to a pair. Tried them this weekend, and they are exceptionally elegant and lovely to hold. (I thought my Zalto Universals were thin-stemmed and beautiful to use, but the Gabriels put them in the shade a bit. Makes the Reidel Universals just seem thick and chunky.) The narrow top brings aromas right to th nose, and the relatively narrow opening prevents anything but very deliberate glugging (the Riedel Universal seems to encourage larger in-mouth portions…:yum:)

Mind, a Waterford goblet still feels the most luxurious to drink from. It’s just that you can’t get much of a nose from its very open shape. :roll_eyes:

The Gabriel Glass is recommended - and they claim dishwasher safe, too.


This thread has reminded me I need to update our glassware. Generally use cheap and cheerful as we get a few breakages but we’ve somehow ended up with default glasses that Wetherspoons would be ashamed of…


A friend who’s rather closer to the zeitgeist than me tells me that cut crystal glasses are having a moment again. In a way I’m glad because I have fond memories of them on my grandfather’s table when I was a lad.

I’ve been using John Lewis Connoisseurs for some time and find them perfect for the table. Reidel O’s are good to the wine, great for the arm of the sofa and have dramatically reduced breakages.


New glasses to try!


Wonderful. They’re on my wish list to join my Zalto Burgundy glasses.


I have 6 of these, which feel similar to Zaltos - pleased with them so far.

I was also at a Jancis Robinson tasting a couple of weeks ago and the tasting glass was her new wine glass. I was impressed with that too. Felt fine in the hand, and a good size for both reds and whites whilst still fitting in the dishwasher and cupboards!


The Gabriel website has an allegedly independent video comparing several of the glasses referred to above, by a rather quirkily entertaining American sommelier, here: https://www.gabriel-glas.at/en/news-en . Given the source you won’t be surprised by the winner…


Reidels can often be found in TKMaxx especially around this time of year for a unbelievably low prices … make you wonder if they’ve “fallen” off something .


A DHL van maybe? :grin:


Thanks for the tip, @leah! Already ear-marked a couple decanters there (you can never have enough decanters, not with my butter fingers!) so good to know there may well be some Riedel glasses too! :wink:


And bargain of the day once again at TKMaxx ! Yours for £39.99 :blush:.


Brighton TKMaxx, here I come!! :horse_racing:


Just been in the Guildford shop where there are more glasses than I have ever seen there before. No Riedel wine glasses at present, just some tumblers and 1 decanter. Lots of other glasses though but already have a lifetime supply much as I’d like to get more!


My set of six Ikea glasses all broken now, in 5 years, still good value for money. I need to replace with cheap and cheerful. For now using my newly acquired Zalto Burgundy glass. Never thought I would say this, but it does make a massive difference… only for the cleaning, it is scary, the thing is massive and yet weightless. Just saw this video online, not sure I am going to try it, you are kind of afraid it will give way under the weight of the wine.


My wife HATES cleaning our Zalto Burgundy glasses! I agree that I don’t reckon the glass would hold for long under the weight of a full bottle of wine!


I don’t allow Mr.Leah to wash mine, that way if I break it I can only blame myself :see_no_evil::rofl:!