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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


Zalto Universal, though I think I’m in a minority of people in that I don’t actually like the look of Zalto glasses… I find them quite unfriendly looking somehow… But function prevails over form!


They look great everyday glasses. Because of their short stems they can fit in a dishwasher while most stems are too tall.

And the’re Zalto?

Added to my list of things to buy when I get back to UK


Taking your advice re the Olly glasses, thanks.


Essentially just two glasses for me. Nothing particularly posh but reasonably fine rims without being too fragile, nice long stems which I like whilst not so costly that you’d shed a tear at a breakage.
Just as importantly for me is the size, for me these are perfect:

  • The larger is 59cl (Pasabahce, Nude > Bar & Table > Red Wine about £4 each) The bowl shape isn’t quite perfect, but very close.
  • Rona Signum 34cl wine (<£5 @). Perfect.

The smaller glass works well for red or white, has a perfectly shaped bowl and is a great size.
I like my wine at the correct temperature, large glasses make this a challenge, these are large enough to allow the wine’s nose to be enjoyed but you don’t need to put a 1/4 bottle in to wet the bottom of the bowl. :face_with_monocle:

That’s not TWS Claret 2016 in the glasses before anyone asks.:stuck_out_tongue:


Phew! Thanks for the clarification!


Olly glasses great for drinking: so thin, can’t bring myself to put into dishwasher.


I have put them in the dishwasher virtually daily for many years and NEVER had one break (except when I smashed one against the countertop when putting it in!)

go ahead!


Interesting - I’ve just ditched my oversized vanity glasses - you know, the kind that hold half a bottle - because I found that I was pouring much larger servings. Which is why, of course, restaurants use them. To be honest there wasn’t any discernable improvement in the wine’s taste or smell.

What I really miss, and cant find in the UK is the French Duralex tumblers, that previously held Dijon mustard. They were just right for a glass of unpretentious cote de Rhone or similar.


I’ve got three of those, collected over the last few years of buying a jar of Dijon mustard whilst in France :slightly_smiling_face:


We have found that with our larger Ikea glasses, if you fill to the widest point of the bowl it holds around 175ml - hate to think how much it would hold if they were topped up lol


Never dared to put mine in the dishwasher, easy enough to break hand washing them!


Don’'t think any of the glasses fit in the dishwasher, I have seen these online though, but I think I would hand wash our still:


Very true and I’d still be worried about scratches from dishwasher salt any way.
Mind you washing them by hand after a couple of glasses probably isn’t a good idea either…


I think we mainly put them on the side and clean them the next day but ensure that there is a small dash of water put into them so the wine doesn’t dry to the bottom of the glass.


I always leave wine in glass. Our tap water is so hard its much more difficult to remove water stains than wine, even dried wine


Now that’s what I call self-discipline … :wink:


I recently purchased some Dartington crystal glasses almost the same as the ones you have there as my old “better” glasses were being reduced to one’s and two’s with time, Sainsburys were doing a special half price offer at £16 for four in all the different shapes and sizes.

Many years ago I was at Newmarket racecourse with some friends, one of whom had a Porsche with the large rear wing, not turbo, anyway it was ideal as a table for the small spread he put on, duck sandwiches and all, then he had a small win and delved into the car and pulled out a bottle of Ch Montrose, I have no idea of the vintage and proceeded to pour the wine into plastic beakers, did it make any difference, no, the duck sandwiches tasted exactly the same !


After Bob M’s recommendation, I bought a couple of Ollys Glasses and am a fan. Lovely to use, great for ‘nosing’ wine, good capacity for the odd beer, very thin but short stemmed so easily fit top deck of dishwasher.


My personal glass indulgence is the Gabriel Universal. You can go all out and get the hand blown version, though I went slightly cheaper and went for the machined version which is still thin, beautiful and treats the wine very well.



I have plenty of Riedels, but you can’t beat Zalto. They are surprisingly robust too as they tend to flex (but I wouldn’t squeeze too hard). I was pleased to find Hedone restaurant uses them on a recent visit.