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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


@robert_mcintosh you legend…thanks i’ll see if they have them in stock!


Might get myself another glass at some point, I too err on the slightly larger glasses due to wanting to be able to have a good air to wine contact with a larger bowl, I am currently using some Ikea glasses which I think might be too excessive as it does have a very wide bowl.



£1!! @M1tch …a steal!


Indeed, its why I got a set of 6 lol the issue being is that the rest of the IKEA shop doesn’t cost £1 and its usually (feels like) 3 months have passed when you leave! I would also suggest checking out TK Maxx as there are usually some really nice glasses in there with the range constantly changing.


I’ll definitely get myself to both…not at a weekend though, that’s the talk of a madman.


I also use Ikea glasses now (and the ISO glasses for tasting). I find these perfectly okay, but that might be due to not having tried anything better / different. Funny how reluctant one (me) is investing £1+ in hardware, when happily paying £20+ for the “perishable” software. I’ll buy a Zalto Universal one day, though Andrew ( Who is Andrew? ) says I should buy the largest cognac (brandy really) glass I can find to enjoy red Burgundy… I also believe that taste in itself does not warrant a special type of glass for champagne (substitute your sparkling poison) for taste, my go to would be a tulip shaped glass, just so others know I am drinking bubbly.


At @szaki1974’s excellent suggestion, I’ve merged two related topics because you might find some relevant links and ideas in the previous thread.



Dartington Chef’s Tasting Glass is the most versatile for everyday, I find.


I have a set of Riedel O (Overture?) series, white + red + flutes; I use the flutes for inexpensive fizz, white glass for most decent fizz and aromatic whites, red glass for big whites and reds


I use Riedel Overture glasses, the Magnum for reds. I have tried with a spectacular lack of success to get the Society to stock them in “2 glass packs” Mark Buckingham before he retired came on board with the idea but since he departed, so did the will to take it forward. Recently, I did a deal on eBay for 6 Riedel white Overture glasses, 6 Riedel red Magnum glasses and 2 Riedel Champagne flutes for £60;delivered. So maybe, the Society did me a favour. Joking aside, we all get breakages from time to time. The ability to restock with a pair rather than 8 glasses makes practical sense.


It has to be Zalto. I’ve a couple of Universals, a Bordeaux and a Burgundy. Universals for all whites, alternate between the others for reds. Love 'em! Wine drinking pleasure is maximised by the look and feel: how they affect taste could be debated forever …


Reidel overture for me… could be tempted by the Zalto’s but as I have a cupboard full of the former, ai doubt I’d take the plunge. Moving from flutes to bowls or standard for bubbly feels increasingly like the right thing to do however…


We’ve got loads of cut glass - Edinburgh Crystal mainly, but some Waterford and a a few Stuart crystal.

They seem really old fashioned now - plain glass seem much nicer these days

We are considering getting some Spiegelau and I’m finding this thread very useful.


Riedel Grape for Pinot, Cabernet and Chardonnay, Veritas for Champagne and Vinum for Port.

Think I might have an issue… although, in fairness, I’ve bought them when they’ve been on offer.


We use the Stolzle Red Burgundy, which are fantastic - especially for aromatic reds, but whites are simple IKEA ones (tulip shaped, can’t remember the name), which we’ve been using for a long while now. For our wedding we got beautiful Champagne flutes with a Rennie Mackintosh roses engraved on the bowl, but we have smashed quite a few (OK, I smashed quite a few), so use the remaining three very sparingly, on special occasions- and use old habitat ones instead for day-to-day sparkling drinking.


Just before Christmas I invested in some Riedal Veritas Burgundy and old world Syrah glasses. Really lovingly and cheapish if you know how to buy them.

Now have Vinum Bordeaux, veritas Burgundy and Syrah. Glasses for all occasions.


Good thread, it’s made for some interesting reading. I’ve got various Riedel Vinums, the Burg, Bordeaux, Sauv Blanc and Montrachet. Bought in 8’s from Germany via Ebay, but now at sixes and sevens much like me. I’m looking to rationalise and I’ve kind of come to a few conclusions:

  • Cut rims and enough length on a slender stem - it’s the bit you come into contact with and it’s so much nicer in a tactile sense
  • Varietal specific is snake oil salesman nonsense IMO. Not saying it isn’t nice aesthetically.
  • I’d even go further - there’s no need for separate Red and White glasses. It does a disservice to White Wine IMO
  • Volume around 3.5 times the “portion” size. It seems to be enough space to move the wine, but not so much that it gets lost aromatically. I get 5 glasses to a bottle, so I reckon 50 - 55cl. I love my Burgundy glasses and tend to use them for everything these days, but at 61cl they’re larger than ideal
  • Obviously the Tulip shape or similar for swirling and aroma retention

So thinking about flogging my current glasses and getting 16 stems on a single type but not sure which. Around £10-15 so breakages don’t hurt too badly, that’s what the Riedels cost. The Zalto Universal is perfect but at £35 is too much. Hmmm.


Repeating a post in another topic:
I remember a quote by the late Clement Freud who wrote that the important thing about a wine glass is that it should have a hole at the top and no hole at the bottom!


That’s a beautiful glass !


I usually use Aldi ones, they’re a good size, and aren’t thick as some cheaper ones can be. I have some smaller Riedel tasting glasses that were included in the ticket price at a wine fair, good for when smaller serving sizes are in order.
I’d love an Olly Smith Zalto one. My other half doesn’t drink wine, so one would do! And it looks sturdy enough to help avoid accidents!