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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


Hi all,

Just wondering what sort of glassware everyone is using, because I enjoy red wine and aromatic whites I have a fairly large glass but I only have the 1 rather than having a range (apart from Champagne).

I have started to use some Ikea ‘Hederlig’ glasses, they are fairly massive but they have a good wide bowl and tulip shape, I use it for everything ranging from claret to Sherry and port.


Which wine glass?
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I have a simple set of Schott Zweisel (champagne, white, red) - bought on sale a couple of years back; I covet Zalto, mainly for aesthetic reasons, but anything is better than the 15 year old dishwasher tainted ones I used for the previous 15 years…


The Zalto glasses are rather beautiful, not sure if my nerves could quite handle one of those Zalto Gravitas Omega glasses though!


Riedel Vitis Cabernet (V big but lovely for big red wines). My other half dropped our Riedel decanter (luckily no wine in it) so we’re using a La Creuset one (which is pretty good!)


Love the feel of Zalto glasses - it’s the lightness and the sheer elegance of them. Down to 5 from my original 6 (my fault entirely), but birthday wish list was ignored :frowning: so will have to self-remedy!


Flutes for champagne, we have small and large ones but tend to mainly use the large ones which were a present. Large glasses I got cheaply somewhere ? Lidls for red wine if we want large glasses. Edinburgh crystal glasses we got for our wedding that we mainly use. 1 wine glass I love that I brought back in a set of 4 30 years ago from Venice when backpacking. The others got broke. I was told it was Murano glass at the time but I’m not convinced.


It’s amazing what a difference a “proper” glass makes although if you have really good ones at home you become a complete snob when you’re away!!!

We have the Riedel Vinum ones which were a wedding present, Syrah for red, chardonnay for white and the champagne flutes that open slightly at the top. They are lovely glasses but very think so you have to be so careful when washing them, can easily break with a wedding ring!

I do like a deep glass for reds, one to get my nose in. I’m not sure if they grape specific glasses make a difference especially if you like all grapes, you’d need a wardrobe to keep them all in!


I use Schott Zwiesel Diva for reds, Spiegelau Vino Grande for white. In theory, different shapes for different wines really do make a difference but I’m only obsessive enough to use different ones for red & white! Interesting that quite a few of us like German glass…


Picked these babies up on eBay a couple years back for less than a tenner. I do cheat and bring them out for any aromatic white from Germany and Alsace, but it does make opening a bottle more of an occasion.


Olly Smith Zalto if I am drinking on my own (we only have one left)

MW Barolo glass for when we get a decent Nebbiolo

But mainly we use the John Lewis Universal Cellar glass for everything - even fizz (though I am not sure I want to open that can of worms).


I LOVE those glasses. I have four of them and we use them daily, and put them in the dishwasher daily too, and they’re still in great shape. Only ever broke one by mistake, otherwise I’ve been very impressed.


The one we lost was damaged because the person involved was too nervous to put them in to the dishwasher, but some how managed to damage it with an engagement ring when washing them. Hoisted by their own etc.

We also use his Bottle Decanter when we try to pretend we know what we are doing when letting a wine breathe.


Zalto, super fine and designed for each wine :wine_glass:


New Zalto Burgundy. Perfect for Pinot and Nebbiolo !


that looks lovely!! It may be breakfast time but I’m now thirsty again :slight_smile:


Haha thanks. Living for the weekends and wine!


A slightly nerdy topic and very possibly the ultimate middle class problem…

I’m looking for decent wine glasses but I’ve come a cropper with what I’ve just purchased.

I like the ISO tasting glasses for really getting your nose right to the surface of the wine, however I wanted something a bit larger for when I’m home and not wanting to top them up so regularly

So I bought these…Schott Zwiesel Air Wine Burgundy Glasses (Set of Two)

They look beautiful with a veritable bath-sized bottom for aeration however the rim seems too large still and the 2 wines I’ve had in it (A gruner veltliner and a Grenache) seemed a bit lost one the nose compared to the ISO one.

I thought by having a wide ratio between aeration swirly part and narrower nose I’d get the best from it but from this experience it seems the size of the rim:nose is more important than base:rim

Has anyone got any recommendations for a great wine glass that allows lots of aeration, captures the bouquet beautifully and is a tad larger than an ISO glass and won’t break the bank (also I fear my clumsy man hands will only leave me with one Riedel by the morning!)

Thanks in advance!


I’m a HUGE fan of Zalto … and if you can get your hands on the ‘Olly Smith’ glass you should get them. Used them for years, even with daily dishwasher use, and only broken one because I hit it on the counter by accident.

Great for all sorts of wines and practical

But the Zalto Universal are the glasses for something special!


Oooo good suggestion @robert_mcintosh how big are they?


They’re about 15cm tall … but since that means nothing, here’s one in context (alongside something enjoyed last night):