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Steak & kidney pie dilemma


It’s my dad’s 75th birthday on Monday, and I’m making him his all-time favourite: steak & kidney pie. (He went to boarding school from the ages of 4 to 18, which probably explains his choice, as well as his preference for stodgy puddings and well-boiled vegetables…) My dilemma is this: he and my mum are almost exclusively white wine drinkers, much to my chagrin. So whilst I would have not even considered serving white wine with a s&k pie, I really don’t have a choice when it comes to his birthday meal.

Can anyone think of a white wine that would work?!

They both love Riesling, especially German, and they love Riesling from bone dry to lusciously sweet. But I’m just not sure that even the ever-food-friendly Riesling would work here.


Dry German Riesling with a fair whack of bottle age might work, but my first thought was Chardonnay. Definitely Something oaked, maybe even a touch oxy from the Jura. If not I know Didier Dageauneau liked his wines with a steak- maybe the standard blanc fumé de pouilly would cut it!
Good luck!


Why not? I can imagine an aged, sweeter style of Riesling working with softer, well-cooked meat in gravy …

You could try a richer style of Alsace Riesling (a GC maybe?) instead?

You might also cheat, and serve them an extended skin-contact white that might act more like a red? I’m thinking of something like the Malvasia Istarksa from Clai that sticks in my memory :slight_smile:


Like the idea of a Jura and the richer Alsace Riesling… I’ll line them both up on the table and let you know what worked best!
Thanks guys.


Hey @Tamlyn - how did it go? Was there a winner by any chance?


Due to my own lack of organisation, I didn’t order the Alsace or Jura in time, so had to go digging in the cellar. We tried a 2007 Aldinger Fellbacher Lämmler Riesling from Württemberg, a 2007 Schäfer-Fröhlich Monzinger Halenberg Riesling Spätlese from the Nahe, and a 2015 Axel Pauly Bernkastel-Kueser Kardinalsberg feinherb from the Mosel. The table was divided. I found the Spätlese a bit too sweet for the pie but it worked really well with the very rich cauliflower cheese. My father, on the other hand, thought it was the best match for everything. My mother preferred the feinherb with the meal and the Spätlese afterwards. My hubby and I thought that the Grosses Gewächs was the best match overall. In the end, as ever, it didn’t really matter. Food and wine went down very well and everyone was happy. And after the plum pudding (with leftover Spätlese) we were then unable to eat for three days…


Well, thank goodness for a well-stocked cellar! I am not sure mine could have coped nearly so well.

I suppose the key is that everyone has different tastes, but if you all enjoyed it and had a great time, the result was achieved.

Shame we could not test some more unusual options … but then guinea pigs don’t always get the best end of the stick :wink:

Many happy returns to your father and our best wishes for the family.

Now … what other great meal can we tinker with???


Savennieres - a quite remarkable dry chenin blanc from the loire, but I’m not sure TWS stock it.


There’s this:


Hi Tamlyn

You father is so fortunate to have such a thoughtful daughter, such as yourself.
I am pleased that the meal went well and in truth the wines that you mentioned would for my untutored palate form a trio of kryptonite. LoL It is terrific that we are all have different tastes.
Well done, will you now form a family committee for Christmas Lunch wines, that might be fun??!!
Great story though.