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Was this nose before or after decanting? Sounds almost like some kind of VA or even a bad bottle - comment on the cork might suggest that…I did find the cork really hard work to extract from this one for a newish wine.

I have had cases where a wine opened the day of/day after delivery clearly hadn’t settled down.

All in all, if I were you, I would perhaps reserve judgement until another bottle tried. If this first one was faulty tell the WS and get a refund. I had issues with a Gonnet CnDP last Christmas. Refunded straightaway. Like you, I had several more bottles - Coravined one a week or so ago and the wine was fantastic. Even the colour was so different from the first bottle which was clearly corked.


Thanks for the comments guys. Mark “Was this nose before or after decanting?” both and what do you mean by “some kind of VA”.



Volatile Acidity .


Sorry - volatile acidity. Some red wines can be prone to it. Ethyl acetate the source of it I think.


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Just opened a bottle of the Crozes 2015. It is pretty volatile. I can see why it might be off-putting to most people, but I think all it needs is some air. Underneath that, there is the hint of a decent wine, with a rather lovely earthy wholesomeness. Will report back later how it goes…

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Reminded me of Musar at times on that front when I opened it and the bouquet straight away was quite brutal, feral even, with blood also coming to mind. Had all that before with young Syrah so plonked it in the decanter for 2-3 hours and it gradually came round. Next day it was lovely too.


I’ve gotta get me some of this Crozes. Guess it’ll have to be January now.

I find volatile acidity lies somewhere along a spectrum, at one end of which is ‘a bit of personality’ and at the other end is just plain faulty.


Time in glass, bottle or decanter usually helps, and I suspect that VA can be a preservative.

Had a bit more now, and it is calming down, although it’s revealing hints of burnt rubber! So a bit of reduction here, I guess. Another aroma that can disappear with air. Let’s try this again tomorrow…


I know you were just checking if we read your posts but…acetic acid from fermentation is acknowledged as the primary source

it interacts with the ethanol to create ethyl acetate - an ester that smells of pear drops - mix with oxygen and you get an aldehyde that tastes of vinegar

if I remember my exams !!


And that’s the wonder and interest of Musar :slight_smile:


I’m aware that this is going seriously off-topic, but thought I’d add my day 2 comments regarding the Crozes 2015.

I initially found it a little odd. Almost as though it has aged unevenly. It’s fine on the nose and front palate, but it seems to dry up in mid-palate with baked flavours that remind me of wines from hot vintages. There’s a little of Tuscany creeping in here.

However, after another slurp, this is bothering me less and I think it’s showing true to type. I would have guessed it as a little older than 3 years.

That’s it…


Not really going off topic, the Crozes 2015 was one of my taster case I picked out early in this thread. The object was to taste different wines to see if I could pick out favourites/styles with a view to lay them away for a few years. I am interested in your comments on the Crozes as my experience was not good, primarily because I have a dozen in reserves. MarkC suggested that I maybe try another bottle in case the one I had was faulty. I now have a dilemma, try another bottle or take a view that the Crozes is maybe not for me. The Society have kindly offered to take my wine out of reserves and replace with something else or refund. I am not sure which way to go. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts, its much appreciated.


If you open another bottle and don’t like it, they’ll refund that as well - if it’s a financial consideration. I’d be fascinated to compare this to 2016. I wonder when they’ll release that? I suppose they’ll be boring about it and not sell until the 2015 has run out.
I should add that Crozes was one my first wine infatuations! Back when the current vintage was 1990 and Thalabert could be had for £10. What a great wine that was (and still is). I thought that buying a whole case seemed extravagant…


Don’t want to go through hassle of having the case delivered try a bottle and then maybe have to send back. In a way it is a financial decision I don’t want to have a dozen bottles in reserves that I will not enjoy.


Do you often visit the showroom? I would be interested to compare the crozes -hermitage les jalets, paul jaboulet aîné 2015

In fact, I might do just that next time I’m passing (which seems to be quite regularly these days!)


Live too far away.


There is so much wine out there, it is almost not worth bothering with this one if you are on the fence. I would just get something else.


You may not be that far from me and I have a few if you would like to try another one pm me.


Sounds like frog-kissing is not the type of research you enjoy, so you just need to get out to more tastings, wherever you are!

All I would say is that this Crozes is an OK wine, but not a great one, IMHO. And I agree with Akos Szabo.