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Star Wine List - a search engine for wines in restaurants

A Swedish innovation - the Star Wine List - lets you search for wines listed by bars and restaurants worldwide - though the UK seems at the moment only to cover London.

However, they do invite nominations


That’s an interesting concept

That is a dangerous link, one could lose whole days looking at that.

(I’ve just lost half an hour looking at l’Ecrin in Paris and their bewildering 100ish page offering, and inevitably comparing their excellent selection of SW Moelleux with mine. Almost a full house :sunglasses:).


I think it’s more fun for that than as a useful tool in London.

It seems to be high french with lots of stars or east london hipster natural wine, with nothing in between (there’s also a couple of places on there that I know are pretty bad for wine!). It could become a really useful tool over time though. I’d also like more than just London in the UK (I’ve already good a pretty good idea about where to go in London for wine!).

Thanks for sharing @peterm I now know where I’d go drinking in Talinn!