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St Valentine Celebrations? [2019]


That time of year… Everything is pink when you walk into the supermarket, chocolates are everywhere, roses are sixty quid a dozen …

For us this year, it’s a chance to slow down and spend the evening not thinking about decorators, bosses, entertaining relatives or anything else other than ourselves. We’re going to cook something fancy together, where the effort is more important than the result, and we are going to share a nice bottle of wine which we can talk about. I’ve got a bottle of Camel Valley sparkling rosé in there, but I think it’s going to have to be either a Meursault or Chassagne Montrachet. Nothing says love like sharing a fine bottle of white Burgundy. :kissing_heart:

What’s everyone else doing? In or out? Ignore it or shower your loved one with gifts? Poetry or telly?

And most importantly, what wine are you having???


We’ll be in Dieppe, so planning to eat out and share a nice bottle… Not sure which - depends where we end up eating- but as it’s likely to be fish/seafood (a Marmite Dieppoise will have to feature!), then probably white or fizz. Or both.

Poetry, any day! :heart_eyes:

Vive la romance! :cupid:


Our eldest is in a school production of Les Misérables on Thursday evening, so that’s our feelgood romantic date sorted.


So you’re going for the ‘poetry over telly’ option too! :+1::wink:


Night in with Mr. AB.

Maybe a risotto. Or some duck. Wine is sorted. Cliche?


I told the other half that although I know the setting, I don’t actually know the storyline, as I haven’t read the book or seen any other version of it.

She said, “It’s depressing. Everybody dies, that’s all you need to know.”

Hmmm, better have a nice bottle on standby for when we get back - we’ll need it :open_mouth:


Perhaps you guys can help me with some cogent and wise advise…

I have a dinner party for 6 people (3 couples). It won’t be very luvvy duvvy. just old friends enjoying the evening together…Each couple is making one course. i’m doing the wine.

Here’s the menu and some wines. your advice would be greatly appreciated as i’m a bit confused.

Smoked salmon with asparagus mousse and sourdough toast.
Sancerre? Greywacke SB? A Good Chard (Burgundy)? Pinot Noir?

Fillet Steak with sweet potato fries, green beans, red wine reduction.
Batailley 09? Cune 2001?, Pauilliac Ulysse '11? Cayron '10?

Raspberry souffle
Allegrini Recioto? TWS Sauternes?

Please help.


Indeed! I guess the clue is in the name :scream:

Still, I’d personally take a Les Misérables school production over anything on offer on TV at the moment :+1:


I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day… because apparently that’s when the Barolo EP offer is coming out :rofl:


We are eating at home - with a main course of rib eye steak. The wine will be Chateau Pichon Lalande ‘85. This was the first fine wine I shared with my wife when we met in 1995. There have been many other great wines since but this will always have particular sentimental value. Sadly now only 4 bottles left - three after Thursday.

Sentiment aside, I think 85 remains one of my favourite vintages in Bordeaux. It drank very well from an early stage but has also stayed the distance.


Valentines day, wine for one over here. A full day before Mr. Leah departs his vessel. I’ll just have to wine for the two of us :sweat_smile:! Guaranteed he probably wont remember anyway so I think it might be time to crack this gorgeous rosé open:

Also @oy-oy, what a great dinner and wine line up you have . Only a tad jealous over here.
Just my personal choice,I would go Sancerre with the Salmon, Maybe the CVNE with the Steak, only because I don’t imagine many people have tasted aged Rioja but I could be wrong, my second choice the Pauilliac and for the soufflé, definitely the Recioto.

Have fun :heart_eyes:


…during?? :sweat_smile:


And I’m assuming there won’t be a “pat down” so great advice from @danchaq :rofl:


Not quite everyone dies and it’s the journey that’s important about Les Misérables, surely? They’re going to have to romp through it or is it spread over several evenings?


Time to dig out the hip flask!

I’m looking forward to finding out!

It’s always felt like one of those novels I really ought to read at some point in my life, but it just hasn’t happened so far. It might have to wait a bit longer though: I’m four months behind on my Decanter reading at current pace, so there’s not much chance of getting through a Victor Hugo until my life settles down a little!

All in one evening - hmmm, I’ve just noticed that there’s no finish time on the tickets, maybe it’s gonna run on past midnight or something… :sleeping:


Well, I’ll only offer an opinion on your first course, which is that I think Greywacke would be a pretty good bet and I can’t imagine anybody would be unhappy.


I’d go for:

One of the SBs, probably sancere
Rioja or Batailley


hank you guys… the Rioja is in…


I have just finished the BBC tv series and yes it was rather ‘miserable’ but the ending was uplifting. I also enjoyed the west end musical some 20 years ago.


Happy St. Valentines day everyone :heart_eyes:!
I hope you all have wonderful plans for the day/night that’s in it.
If not, I’ve attached some Valentines “hints” which I wrote up last year to help you all on your way…