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St. Patrick's Day alternatives


OK, so this weekend is firmly anchored in the “beer weekend” camp, but surely there must be other things we could do?

Does anyone have any particular food / wine suggestions for St. Patrick’s Day

(and although I don’t drink it much any more, it is an excuse to share one of my favourite adverts ever)


THIS THIS is my all time favourite Guinness advert !!! So because I’m Irish :four_leaf_clover: I’ll be serving curry on Saturday :joy::rofl::rofl::see_no_evil:!
But I have just picked up these:


That’s not QUITE the “food” I was thinking of, but OK :wink:


A great traditional meal is corned beef and cabbage! Not the stuff you get in a can but from a butcher that’s been properly prepared. Its fantastic melt in your mouth type of food but it can be a little salty. We usually pair this with a ripasso or a wine that’s not over 14% alcohol as the salt seems to heighten the feeling of heat . The ripasso works really well :wink:


I doubt we’ll do anything St Patrick’s Day related - I suppose I might knock up a shepherd’s pie, but all the other traditional pursuits (drinking our weight in Guinness) are off the table now that we’re in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

But this thread has prompted me to share my favourite Guinness advert… One of my favourite adverts of all time, without a doubt!


Probably a less seen one


Certain substances are strictly forbidden on Paddy’s Day…


There was and perhaps is a place in Cork that did this as you describe Leah. Many drink fuddled years ago…


There will be tomorrow @MarkC, my parents are having the full St.Patricks day works :wink:…! The unmoved a few years ago from Dublin back to Cork where they’re from …! I have been detailed a full menu list and wine choices tonight over FaceTime :rofl:!


Meant to say, through slightly gritted teeth, thatyou deserved your win last Sat, even if the scoreline was a bit flattering…I skied down early especially to watch it.

Never mind, we may get some revenge in Zimbabwe on Sunday…


Happy St. Patricks Day everyone…
Is it too early? :rofl: