Spring/Early Summer 2018 TWS wines (a joint report)

Apologies this has taken until Tuesday to get the chance to put this down on paper. My weekend and yesterday has literally been jammed packed so this is the first opportunity I’ve had to put my thoughts down on the fantastic wines I had the pleasure to taste on Thursday the 22nd.
These are my notes and my personal opinion. Some may disagree with me but that makes it all the more fun.
Thanks once again @robert_mcintosh and @Ewan among others who afforded me the much coveted place at this tasting.
So, here goes, I tasted EVERYTHING, all 70 something of them and had purple teeth by the end of it.


First up, This lovely Cremant. It had a lovely golden colour, with fresh orchard apples and citrus fruit on the nose and palate, very zingy with high acidity but well rounded with a leesy biscuit undertone. Interestingly it’s made entirely from pinot blanc and auxerrois. A great aperitif or celebration wine.

This is a lovely Champagne and would rival some of the big houses, you get a touch of oak on the nose as well as the palate with racing acidity and a dry zesty full flavoured mouthfeel. It has a long finish holding on the apple flavours right til the end.

The Magnum has a slightly different % blend make up and it was interesting to taste side by side with the 750ml NV. This has slightly more petillance but again had a level of complexity you would expect from a large house. It was full flavoured with more fruit than the 750ml and if someone served me this I would be extremely happy with it overall. A really good example of how champagne should be made.

Quite a change in direction from the fizz here. This wine smells of sunshine on a hot summers day. Extremely ripe fruit from the Languedoc with honeysuckle , ripe watermelon and honeydew melon exploding in your mouth. Very easy drinking with a dry bite to the finish. Good on its own or on a beach in the south of France :wink:

2017 Bacalhoa JP Azeitao Branco VR Setubal
My first impression of this off-dry white is that my Mum would love it. Partially because it is an off-dry but mainly because of the fruit. This is extremely fruity, very “grapey” and a blend of Moscatel graudo and Fernao Pires. Perfect easy drinking summer style. £6.50

Well blow me down, I was not expecting this Soave to taste like it did, partly because my expectation was not particularly high. I’ve tasted some very mediocre Soave in my time but this most certainly deserves a large round of applause. This is what soave should taste like, with a smooth lime zest citrusy flavour but I also picked up a light white floral hint too. This is great. Go and buy it !

This has a beautiful golden colour and has some lovely legs. It has quite the expression of flowers with stone fruits and white peach. It was somewhat unusual but I a good way and very ripe. Balanced with a medium finish , good value for money.

2017 Val de Loire Chardonnay Les Parcelles, Rethore Davy
A sure hit for the summer, this is a very ripe and juicy Chardonnay with banana, melon and pear . It reminded me of a ripe Touraine Sav Blanc but with less oomph. It has decent acidity and my only criticism is that it tasted slightly diluted. It doesn’t have any complexity to it but its great value for money and I’d buy it for the summer for sure.

One of the highlights of the whites for sure. This wine looks like a fading sunset in a glass. It hits you hard on the nose with beautifully bruised red and green orchard apples and a hint of oak. Stunning wine with a zingy tang from the mouth watering acidity and toasty aftertones! Loved it.

A soft and delicate nose with fresh but ripe fruit. Extremely refreshing with a slight lycee hint, acacia honey and apple. Lovely and balanced, drinking beautifully. Lovely on its own or I think nice with Chicken salad or even risotto as the acidity is good enough to cut through a creamy dish.

(2016 Vintage)
Pale golden colour, fruity but understated. Had just a hint of Lime and orange zest with mainly honey and pear notes. This has real flavour to it but if I’m honest it didn’t light me alive the way some of the other wines did. This has more to do with my taste than anything wrong with the wine.

The oak instantly noticeable on the nose with this great example of a NZ Chardonnay. Very smooth on the palate with lemon and apple making this wine seem almost juicy. The fruit and acidity were very well balanced and it had that slight stoney minerality to the long finish. I could absolutely taste the alcohol in the back of mouth but this wine was a total winner!

I really liked this wine. It showed elegance with freshness of lemon heavy fruit and a chalky back palate kick. You can tell this is a cool climate wine as nothing is too ripe. Its extremely smooth with a long finish. This was gorgeous and one of my favourites .

2016 Concha y Toro Amelia Casablanca Chardonnay
WOW, this was great. Again an expression of a cool climate chardonnay. I found it less fruit forward and ore savoury which I liked about it. The nose had honey, slight oatmeal and a leesy aroma. It was dry with a savoury almost bayleaf tone on the long finish. A very interesting almost full bodied wine that was a pure pleasure to taste.

Creamy and crisp all at once, initial burst of tangerine, summer flowers,honey and beeswax, quite full flavoured and ripe fro a gruner

(2017 Vintage)
I was a little apprehensive about tasting this as some recent Rias Biaxas I’ve had didn’t rock my boat… HOWEVER… I was really pleasantly surprised by this! Thank god! The nose is as fresh as salt spraying on a seaside promenade with Lemon, peach, pear and bright acidity setting my mouth alive. Fabulous for the summer and worth the hefty price tag.

I’m feeling the pressure to upload @szaki1974:rofl: so I’ll post these and continue to finish the whites before writing up my reds


This is my go-to party white. I love it in the summer in the garden, if I’ve run out of rose :slight_smile:

Well I’ll have to put it on my wishlist… only had a ‘proper’ soave once and I think that was in Italy. I know they should be better than what you normally get but never a clue where to find them. I might have to visit Stevenage over the weekend…


Great notes @Leah I have the NZ and Aussie chard on my wish list already and have tasted these before. I have also just added the two magnums for my next order.
I put in an order half an hour ago so these will have to wait till next time!


@tom have you tried Soave La Rocca by pieropan. It’s quite pricey but an amazing wine.
I have only had it a few times some years ago but it is my favourite Soave.


I’ll second that.


LOVE these descriptions so far, Leah - sounds like there are some real gems in there.
Like this:

This is going straight on my next order!

I also presumed I’d like the Exhibition Tas Chardonnay more than the Exh. NZ Chardonnay but from your description it’s the opposite! :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to hear more…


This write up is great @Leah thanks. Sorry for the somewhat overeager nudge…

Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2014
Rainer Wess Gruner Veltliner, Wachau 2017

Straight to the basket…

2017 Bacalhoa JP Azeitao Branco VR Setubal

Also… I think my wife would love this.


Classic aromatic Marlborough SB on the nose but not overpowering in the way some can be. Tropical fruit,pineapple dominating but with mouth watering crisp, dry acidity. Its no cloudy bay, but good value for money.

Delicate and quite serious, not overly ripe but a lovely example of Sancerre. Smooth, high acidity and subtle flavours all marrying together to produce a very drinkable and friendly wine.

This totally stopped me in my tracks! There I was minding my own business tasting away … then I fell off my polished stilettos with this one. Why? It was so different from everything else I’d tasted up to this point. It was fresh like being blasted with a fire hose right in the face while sucking on a lime. It had hints of lime and white pepper but was savoury and full bodied! Yes please to more of this type of wine! Can imagine it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I’ll be stocking my basket with it :smiley:

2016 Gomez Cruzado Blanco, Rioja £11.50
Made mainly from Viura with some tempranillo blanco, this was a lovely expression of a fresh white rioja. It was creamy with understated fruit and perfect for the summer.

2015 Vouvray Sec Tendre Lieu-Dit Rosnay £11.50
An off dry smooth and highly drinkable Loire. The palate was all about yellow sherbet covered bon bons and candied zest married together with a fruitiness, another one my Mum would love .

Very aromatic straight up and hits you between the eyes… could almost smell this across the room! Its Riesling dominated and has that bouncy rubber tennis ball aroma followed on the palate by a crisp juicy peach with some floral tones and a long full bodied finish. I could feel the alcohol on this .I was very happy with this wine and pleasantly surprised too.

Very fruity, zingy with a slight petillant . Lovely lime and fresh lemon with a touch of thyme and herb. Perfect for a summer bbq with crisp acidity.

This lightly aromatic on the nose, very bready, biscuit which I didn’t expect. Lovely flavours of fresh grapes and summer flowers. I’d happily sip this in a hot tub :wink:

2003 Ockfener Bockstein Riesling Spatlese Ziliken £28.00
Whaooooo… Gorgeous rich Spatlese with explosions of orange zest, honey, lycee, apricot and sweet lemon cordial all wrapped together to make this stunningly fresh decadent wine! I demand it to be poured over my grave when I’m gone ! Buy it or you’ll regret it :smiley:

This is full of fabulous flavour, it is deep and intense with macadamia nuts , almonds, raisins infused with vanilla. Well worth the price tag, has a lovely long finish and for the price tag offers far more complexity than you would imagine. Well done buyers :clap:


Roses and Reds up next , but I’ve got to do the school run so it will be tonight guys…:roll_eyes:


Thanks for the great notes.

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Okay, so I added the Cauhape to the basket. I have had their Symphonie de Novembre before, which was such a delicious sweet wine. Intrigued how this dry bottle compares.


That may well be the one that I have tried. I recognise it, but can’t remember!

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You’re going all Olly Smith on us!! :wink:


With amazing descriptions like this, I can’t wait to read the next installment of your tasting notes! :rofl::clap::clap::clap:


2017 Coteaux du Giennois Rose, Domaine de Villargeau £9.50
Extremely light in both colour and in style. Has soft fragrant strawberry and red currant tones with a dry finish. Different but a good alternative to a Provence rose and as the temperatures (hopefully) begin to warm up, ideal for a garden party :grin:

2017 Fiefs Vendeens Mareuil Collection Rose, J. Mourat £8.50
A blend of Pinot noir, negrette and Cab franc. Not a whole lot on the nose with this one, very delicate aromas but wakes right up on the palate with juicy seaside ripened red cherrys and just a touch of strawberry. Light bodied with a dry tart finish.

(2017 Vintage)
Deeper in colour with the freshness of the fruit dancing a light jig on your tongue. Wild red cherries, strawberries and just a hint of raspberry form a smooth, dry and welcoming rose. It has a bit more body to complement fresh summer dishes.

2017 Scassabarile Marsigliana Nera Rosata, Santa Venere £12.50
A Calabrian Rose made from local Marsigliana nera grapes, this was my favourite rose!
It punched hard on the nose with vibrant ripe red fruits and a certain sophistication. It certainly didn’t disappoint on the palate with a slight zingy petillant and a smooth “could drink all day, real wine” attitude.

Beautiful ruby Ribena colour with a fruit burst in your mouth of “loud” ripe sweet black fruit and a perfumed finish. Really light and easy summer drinking. Very quaffable.

2016 Saint Pourcin La Reserve Speciale
A Gamay/ Pinot blend from the upper Loire in the foothills of the Massif Central. Displaying red and black fruits, tomato leaf and some green pepper on the palate. Pretty balanced acidity and tannins with a very dry mineral finish.

(2016 Vintage)
The colour of Beaujolais wines send me into an excited frenzy and this 2016 Morgon didn’t disappoint. Not only has it a beautiful colour , its showing why Morgon has that reputation for being one of the more full bodied crus. The cherry and blackberry stood out like soldiers on parade with equal levels of tannin and acidity balancing the slight earthy undertones on the palate followed by a slight crunchy plummy finish. One to watch as it develops but also drinking nicely now too.

The nose is brimming of sunshine. Before I even sipped I knew this was from somewhere of heat and endless hours of sunshine . Its literally a starburst of refined black cherries and a hint of blueberries. It coats your mouth like warm honey yet retains its freshness . A very fruit forward drinkable wine.

A highly drinkable, perfect summer bbq wine. Young fruity and slightly perfumed . Very easy to go down.

2015, Pittnauer Red Pitt, Burgenland £13.95
A blend of zweigelt, blaufrankisch and merlot.
The nose has a lovely balance between fruit and savoury nuances. Even though on the palate the sweet red juicy plums and cherry is obvious, its hiding behind a more refined door of violets and baking spices. At the price point its at, I think good value for money and an interesting blend.

2014 Maycas del Limari San Julian Pinot Noir £19.50
Move over George Clooney, you’ve met your match!!! Rock right up here Mr Pinot! This is a piece of modern art the Tate would give its right hand for!!!
Its elegant, lacy, refined, sexy, smouldering with subtle blackberry, raspberry, mocha, coffeebean and just a hint of “come hither”!!
Did I like it?? Is the pope a catholic?!!.. “Cheat days” have a whole new meaning!!

Next instalment Guys and Girls!!


@laura, trying to get everything finished tonight… glad you’re enjoying it :joy::joy:

2017, Isola della Fiamma Nero d’avola £6.50
Red Cherry, Black cherry and more red cherry. Very in your face fruit with some nice perfume and floral notes. Great for those unexpected or unsuspecting guests… At £6.50 cant complain.

What fantastic value for money this is!! The black fruit is juicy but smooth and snuggles up to the savoury touch of aniseed and slight toffee on the finish. A great uncomplicated rainy day scrabble wine.

(2014 Vintage)
Again for value for money, this is not to be missed! Its deep, full bodied, very fragrant and lightly perfumed with cherry cola, black plums and berries , a kick on the back palate of strong black coffee guaranteed to slay that dragon hiding under the kids beds.
Cannot find anything wrong with this wine.

Gorgeous aromas of fresh summer fruits, blueberry, redcurrant, blackberry. Fresh but not overly ripe. High acidity and tannins but hardly felt the alcohol at 14.5 %. Needs some time to open up and show what its really made up but for now secondary layers of coffee , bay and undergrowth are very slight providing a unique contribution to the overall body of this wine. :wink:

The nose was a strange but alluring combination of mixed summer fruits dipped in a salty mineral bath of nuts… (This may in fact sound “nuts” but its true).
This was lovely to drink, the blend works and the Malbec definitely adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” and intensity to the wine. Food wise, very versatile, could imagine it will go with practically anything including steak, pork and lamb. A very good “drinking”, mates around and family around for a game of twister type of wine :slightly_smiling_face:

(2015 Vintage)
If this wine were a dog, it would be a lurcher! Polite and willing to please. Redcurrant and juicy blackberries dominate the mellow fruit here with the tannins and acidity shying in the corner not willing to take centre stage. A refined gentlemanly example of a well made Loire Red.

A beautiful rich colour with a stunning aromatic nose of rich, ripe red and black fruit intertwined with herabaceous notes of thyme, liquorice, sweet vanilla, cinnamon and coffee . A chewable crunchy bite at the finish, this is bursting with complex flavours on numerous levels/

2015 Magnum of The Society’s Exhibition Chianti Classico £25
I found this one a little difficult as I really felt it didn’t show its true potential. Sangiovese imho needs to be decanted. This had strong firm tannins, dry with those tomato and bitter cherry flavours on the nose and palate. I wasn’t overly loving this but I am pretty convinced given a couple hours in a decanter it would have opened right up and tasted much better.

2015 Morellino di Scansano, Podere 414
Sangiovese has completely redeemed itself here!! This is predominantly Sangiovese blended with Syrah, colorino, ciliegiolo and Alicante. I could stand all day and inhale this wine, the nose and palate was spicy black pepper with refined, but not overly ripe, red and black fruit and the scent of a slightly over done mocha carried a salty stony finish longer than it probably should have. At 14.5 % this beast is tamed by the beauty of its balance.

A very clean and sophisticated wine! The nose is fragrant but truly shows itself after that first sip. Smashed strawberries and blackberries clutching to a body of vanilla and pure elegance make this wine in my top 10. This is a “take me to bed” wine… with or without food! :wink:


Ripe, juicy, brambly, slightly spicy with a herbaceous drying mouthfeel. Quite a big spikey stegosaurus type wine, again possibly needs to open up in a decanter, definitely one for food. Sorry TWS , didn’t love this one! Remember though, these are just my opinions.

In the line up, this was wine no. 50. I was dedicated to the job in hand… and was tasting and note taking efficiently up to this point and this wine!!
WELL!!! This wine truly stopped me in my tracks! Don’t tell anyone… but I actually "swallowed! " :scream: :scream:!! Obviously just once, to make sure I was really tasting what I thought I was.:laughing:
This wine is stunning!! Baptise your children in it, go all out Cleopatra and bathe in it. What a find!
Really complex on the nose, beautiful fruit, oak and layers of complexity that I wouldn’t have expected at this price point.
The palate sets your mouth alive and dances with sweet red cherry soda, baking spices, cinnamon, vanilla, cedar with a wonderfully balanced background of decent tannin and acidity. Who knew such outstanding wines could come out of Greece!! Another clap on the back of the TWS buyers.
Ps: Available for Greek winery trips at short notice, great at the Zorba…:grimacing:

TWS are doing many things well, one of which is their Malbec’s. This was very rich and deep, not overly ripe with opulent red and mainly black fruits dominating the palate. A very smooth decadent and substantial wine at 14.5 %.I really enjoyed this.


The rest to come…tomorrow

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Loving it, thanks @Leah. Now I’ve got my Scrabble and my Twister wines sorted- please could you advise on one to accompany Cluedo? :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!