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Sports chat threads not showing


Hi all/Rob, I don’t know if I’ve clicked or unclicked something but sports threads are no longer appearing on my homepage (I normally organise by ‘latest’) - but will still appear as a (1) next to ‘new’ and ‘unread’ when somebody posts. I’m pretty sure that until a week or so ago they would have shown along with all other threads on my homepage. Notification settings are set to ‘normal’ in sports chats, like with my other categories, so I’m a bit unclear what has happened/what I’ve done.

I can still access the sports threads, so I’m not missing any of the forensic, insightful sports analysis of fellow members (thank heavens!), but wondered if there is a quick fix I’m missing?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I don’t like this either. It should be more like the en primeur group, where you can opt in.


OK, they don’t show on the HOME page, but do appear if you go to #home

However, since these don’t appear to be overwhelming the site … I guess we could put them back on the home page again



Yes please! My compulsion to have no thread left unread and no notifications outstanding would be easier to manage that way.


Try going into the how to category…

As in more hidden threads there.


Ha why would you do that to someone?!