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Spooky goings on......!



As it is getting closer to the end of October and dressing up like dead people I thought I would let you know of the goings on in my house…

Last night as I was finishing up some admin type stuff on the laptop and waiting for Mr. Leah to return from “sorting” the garage out, I opened this bottle of Rosé thinking that he would probably appreciate a glass when he came in.

I poured a glass, put the cork back in the bottle, about half way down the neck and returned to the laptop. I left the bottle on the counter top as it was quite chilled so could do with warming up a bit. He duly came in, sat down and decided he would like a glass of red instead and opened this:

(A very nice wine, if you haven’t tried it yet :grinning:)

As we are chatting and having a bit of a laugh, the cork, which was WELL wedged into the bottle of Rosé popped out of the bottle and landed next to it on the countertop. We both looked at each other and said “The GHOST again” …:rofl:.
This is a still wine, there is NO pressure in the bottle . Also, things like this regularly happen in this house.
We live in a Victorian house which was built in 1889, the deeds are pretty fascinating . We did a HUGE renovation project on it with major structural alterations which took over 4 years to complete. (Mainly because we kept running out of money). The usual type of things that happen include jumping and rolling toys, usually at night time when the kids are in bed and the dog is as confused as I am, toy cars with no batteries in them whizzing around the floor. :roll_eyes: Lights turning themselves on and off! (We’ve had a re-wire :joy:) and items being knocked off counter tops.
I always think its just the “spirits” looking for attention and once I acknowledge them it stops for a while again. Am I mad ?? It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
The only time I was MASSIVELY freaked out was when I heard a voice on the baby monitor shushing my baby son and looked at the screen to see a ball of white light whizzing around him! :scream:. I was up that stairs faster than Usain Bolt.
But apart from that, I am completely fine with the “others” coming to visit.
Does anyone else have similar experiences in their homes or do you all think I’m just mad ?:joy:


I’m what is known in our house as ‘a cold rationalist’. I don’t believe in the supernatural, and am yet to have had any dealings with that sphere of existence. My (admittingly boring) belief is that there is always some scientific explanation to the sort of weird goings on you describe… I’ll get back to you on this one (might be years, though, @Leah!) :face_with_monocle:

PS- definitely don’t think you’re mad, though. Maybe we just can’t explain everything yet…?


Ooh! I love a good ghost story. Never had any dealings with the supernatural myself, although I do feel like I’ve been ‘visited’ by dead relatives a few times so I guess that’s kinda ‘ghostly’… and probably all in my head, to be honest! A perfectly reasonable, rational friend of mine had a terrifying ghostly experience in a hotel room once so I don’t think I could say I don’t believe. :ghost:

Did you see the ‘Dear David’ Twitter thread? It was a very chilling “real life” ghost story to start with and, while it quickly became so ridiculous it was obviously fake, it continued to be hugely entertaining! Very cleverly put together.

Keep us updated with your ghostly happenings! :smiley:


Like you I’m afraid I a bit of a boring rationalist too.

I too live in a moderately old house. And I often hear noises even when I know I’m alone in the house. I generally put them down to odd old house settling noises and/or mice, of which, living rurally as I do and in an old stone walled house almost impossible to completely seal, I have a plague every autumn. This time of year I can catch two or more mice every day.

Re the bottle cork it will actually be under a little pressure created by the amount of cork actually pushed into the bottle and if the cork’s not too tight that might be enough to push it out or at least start it moving and the expansion of the cork might do the rest… maybe…


The ghost is just telling you to refill your glass. Good ghost :ghost:


Ha ha! Indeed! A ghost with a pronounced good taste in wine!
This thread reminds me of the charming story The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde. Might have to re-read it now!

One of my main ‘issues’ with ghost stories (a bit like god stories) is how much more they tell us about the human. The supernatural somehow seems to operate like us. They always speak English, too. I am yet to encounter a Hebrew-speaking ghost, for example. And they always do the bloody same things! If they really wanted to have an impact, can’t they do something truly miraculous? I ask god the same questions daily. Yet to reply.

My finale scepticism is to do with the notion of the ‘soul’. As I don’t believe any part of us exists once we nicely decay, and I have no belief in the existence of a ‘soul’ - I can’t see what it is that will ‘survive’ me. I don’t mind being fodder for the earth, but I have no intention to walk it and frighten anyone once I popped my clogs. It’s a promise! :japanese_ogre:


Just what a ghost would say :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good try, but he cork was FIRMLY wedged into the bottle.:rofl:. I also understand scepticism especially from people who have never experienced anything from the Supernatural.
Both my sets of grandparents lived in very old houses. My great parents also lived in one of the houses before them. My brother as a child used to sleep in a 4 poster bed on sleep overs that my great grandmother died in…:scream:. Wouldn’t have been me.
In the same house, which was extremely large and Georgian style small mansion my great grandmother in her later years suffered from dementia and walk the house at night knocking on the bedroom doors of my Mum and her siblings. After her death and for years and years later when we would stay over the knocking on bedroom doors became the norm through the night.
I hadn’t known the story until I mentioned someone had been knocking on my door at night and when I had got up to check, there was no one there. I remember my Mum looking at my grandmother but they never told me until years later .

I also believe some people are more attuned to dealings with the after life and are more relaxed about it meaning if a spirit were to look for acknowledgement, they would look to people who are more open if that makes sense.
@laura, I have soooo many stories and have sooo many things that have happened which rationally cannot be explained it scary. I’ve also had a “hotel” moment :wink:


This has happened to me too on several occasions. But to be honest @MikeFranklin’s observation is relevant still. To go all physics for a moment, it’s as much about the coefficient of friction between the cork and the wine bottle neck as it is about the tightness of the cork.

No idea about the other things though!


Especially if the remaining air inside the cold bottle left on the countertop is warming up and expanding as expected.


In my humble opinion, if something happens that one cannot explain, one has three options…

(1) Attribute it to the supernatural;
(2) Seek a scientific explanation; or
(3) Just ignore…

All to their own. Might I say that one can cherry pick from these options on a case by case basis.


This is the kind of story I LOVE! Just eery little occurrences, nothing too scary, perfectly harmless but enough to give me chills!

I’m listening! :smiley:

My friend is a flight attendant and was staying over in a hotel (I can’t remember where!) which had a reputation for being haunted. IIRC she woke up in the middle of the night and could feel something (even though there was no one there) trying to pull the duvet off her. She let go and the duvet flew off the bed. :scream: I don’t think she slept after that…


Let me say that I do not believe in the thereafter and Ghosts and the Spooky are utter nonsense.
I was trained in the Sciences, and am in the corner of, if you cannot see it, touch it or prove it then the descent into the realms of Hans Christian Anderson has been achieved.:grinning:

BUT, and darn it there had to be one of those, otherwise why am I on this thread.
As a four year old. my family lived in a terraced street in Cardiff. And my Swiss Mum made every effort to get to know our neighbours, it was a friendly place to live.
To my parents concern, I started to hear someone calling me from upstairs when I was on the ground floor. I would run upstairs or call out but no-one was there. This became a fairly regular occurrence. Then one evening, as we were all at the table eating our meal, a man in a beard wearing a blue uniform appeared through the closed door. My reaction was to vigorously point at him and ask who he was. My parents couldn’t see him and became concerned for me. I was a precocious child who was blessed with descriptive skills and not afraid to stand my ground. But as quickly as he appeared, there he was GONE. Apparently my version of the occurrence, became my main topic for conversation both at home and in school for a week or two.
Some weeks later, my Mum who had been invited for tea at a neighbours house by an elderly lady, took me along. And whilst we engaged in polite conversation with the tea, cakes and bread and butter, my concentration lapsed and I started to look about me. My attention was drawn to the sideboard on which a collection of photographs resided, and with that, I was heard to exclaim “Mummy, there he is!!” I pointed to the exact same man that I had seen in our kitchen, but now he was caught for all time in the photo. My mum recounted the story of the apparition and then the old lady explained. The man in the image was her brother who died at sea during World War One on a Royal Navy vessel which was sunk. After that she always had a ready smile for me and if I was lucky, some sweets.
We finished our tea, bode our farewells and went home.
I never heard the voice calling me after that incident, nor did I see him again.
I cannot provide an explanation as to what happened.
To this day I can remember the voice calling me, the sailor in our kitchen and the tumult that I caused over tea.

I do not believe in ghosts, spirits or the like. A few very odd things have happened to me over the years, that will remain private. I am the arch sceptic, nay on the bunkum and nonsense committee but what happened, is as real today as the time that it happened; and I have no rational explanation for it!!

BTW, Halloween - a marketing tool, devised to sell an industrial amount of dross and tooth rotting confectionary to generations of hapless parents! Bah, humbug (the sugarless variety!!) :wink:


What a wonderful story, @Taffy-on-Tour! :open_mouth: Sounds to me like you had a ghostly visitor… :wink:

Advanced apologies if you’re not a big Halloween fan - we’re launching a VERY daft Halloween competition on here shortly… :laughing: And I have to admit, I’m a big lover of Halloween, the tackier and more nonsensical the better… :see_no_evil:


No harm in a bucketful of fun.
Life can be too serious, and smiles all round should be “de rigeur!!”
And I will freely admit that I do stock up with some nice chocolate bars for when the local sprogs and tykes come calling. And a few old genuine silver sixpences for the best or most originally attired, and that doesn’t mean spent the most.
That’s my duty!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m not really a believer in ghosts but things like the disappearing of the crew of the Mary Celeste and anything to do with the Bermuda Triangle does make the hair on the back of my neck stand up!


Ships sink… for some reason the Bermuda Triangle became infamous. Research (okay I just read this somewhere, not done myself) shows that a lot of the disappearances attributed could not have happened there.


And that statistically (ie. number of disappearances against actual voyages made) it’s no worse than anywhere else.


Perhaps so but I remember there was a lot of focus on the eeriness of the Bermuda Triangle on kids TV like How 2 and Blue Peter in the 90’s and it’s stuck with me!


Yes, that is exactly the same with me. There was a massive fascinations with these things in the eighties and early nineties. Erich von Daniken books were quite popular in Hungary at that time. Also a lot more UFOs “seen” back in the days :wink: