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Specialist, Closed and Private Groups


One of the useful aspects of this site is our ability to create Groups, Categories or conversations, that might only appeal to a selection of members. We can give these groups special status so that they can be useful but not confuse or overwhelm other members.

These are some of the types that are possible:

Specialist Categories:

these are public conversations that anyone can take part in and you do not need to subscribe to them, but may not appear on the homepage because the content might not be relevant to the membership as a whole, so you may need to track the category

Closed Groups:

these are similar to Specialist Categories in that anyone can join them, but you need to Subscribe in order to join to the Group. Once you have done this, the content posted to the group will appear in your view of the homepage, but if you are not a member, all of this content will be hidden.

##Private Groups:
these groups are open only to a selection of members, and you either need to be invited or request to join and be approved. These might be used for confidential exchanges, meetings, or maybe because the topic is really only relevant to a small group.

We already have the following groups:

  • en-primeur - A closed group. Visit the Groups page and click to join if you are interested.
  • sports chat - A specialist category for those who want to discuss matters sportive - real and fantasy (there is a fantasy football and NFL league already)
  • we also have Private groups for Admins and others; you may be invited to join one

If you want to sign up to any of these, please do. You can see what is available by clicking on the ‘hamburger menu’ (the three line menu button in the navigation) and selecting ‘Groups

If you have a suggestion of other Groups or Specialist Categories that we could create that would be interesting, please let us know.

EP Bordeaux 2017

I thought I would bump this conversation to the top of the page to remind new members that there are some additional groups that may not be visible to you, but could be of interest.

There have been some interesting en-primeur related threads recently in particular.

We are also still happy to talk about other possible specialist groups that you might want to suggest.


Another occasional ‘bump’ of this thread to remind the many new members to click on the GROUPS page to sign-up to chat about en-primeur, if you happen to be interested.

Also, if you think we need other specialist groups, do let me know your ideas


And another bump up the table.

If you’re one of the MANY new members of the community who signed up today (WELCOME!), you might like to know there are also some ‘hidden’ En-Primeur discussions - on Port, Bordeaux, Rhone and more in the opt-in group.

Follow the links above to see how to join :slight_smile: