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Special Offer - 2008 Kanonkop Estate Pinotage



Not for me, but may be of interest to some #tws-offers


The ‘11 was exceptional - I’ve ordered a few bottles of this in the hope that the 08 is just as enjoyable :ok_hand:


Did you get the email?


Thanks @danchaq

For the past few years, Kanonkop has been annually releasing a 10 year old Pinotage from their cellar. I guess this is from that release.

It’s serious money but if you were to buy it at the winery you wouldn’t get it any cheaper as it would cost you 520 Rand

520 ZAR =29.8795GBP
South African Rand
1 ZAR = 0.0574605 GBP
British Pound1 GBP = 17.4032 ZAR
2018-08-01 12:10 local timE

(from XE.com)


I did thanks. :+1:


I’m desperately not buying any more wine at the moment but out of interest, the thread title says “special offer” but there is no indication of discount

@danchaq - In this case are you referring to the age / rarity?

Thanks for posting, by the way. Another time I’d have had a bottle or two :sunglasses:


The email I received had “special archive offer” in the subject line. Not my opinion, that of TWS.


I see! Just curious :slight_smile:



I saw the email after reading the forum. Email says TWS had some 2008 in its cellars. I don’t know if they ever sold it at release, I got my 2008 at Majestic who have had most vintages of Kanonkop’s Estate Pinotage.

Incidentally I don’t think much of the website blurb which makes a big deal about Beyers Truter. Well, he’s not been Kanonkop’s winemaker for 16 years now.

With all respect to Beyers, Abrie is a wonderful winemaker and has introduced many innovations at Kanonkop from steel cooling tubes in his first year to one of the very few optical grape sorters in South Africa and the only mechanical ‘feet’ for pushing down the cap.

And he’s been awarded International Winemaker of the Year at IWSC an amazing three times.