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Looks like it! The one I’ve got is also Unterturkheimer Gips - really liked it and so grabbed another bottle out of curiosity as to how it would age (not a lot, I don’t think, but a few years could be interesting). I’m gobsmacked it’s gone up quite that much - at this price it doesn’t match the likes of Kooyong in my book.


Its from the Marienglas Grosse Gewachs vineyard and is quite a normal price for GG Spatburgunder. If you has a GG for under £20 that’s a bargain. If it’s the same wine then that’s some price inflation!


Must be a different wine, I imagine. I’m sadly accustomed to so many wines i used to buy becoming unaffordable, but that certainly does seem like crazy inflation!


Dear @thewinelake I couldn’t let this pass without complimenting you on your choice of name. It brought back memories and made me laugh!

Sadly, the Brexit business has fogged our memory of names like beef and butter mountains, tobacco subsidies, Liebfraumilch, and of course the wine lake.


I too have been really impressed by German spatburgunder over the last few years and try to buy at least one bottle every time TWS releases a new one. Maybe more than one if they’re sub £20.

As others have said, the one from Wassmer is particularly good value. As are the examples mentioned from Aldinger and Bercher, if or when available.

Once again, as others mentioned, the wines from Meyer Nekel and Stodden in the Ahr are very good indeed although their top cuvees are way beyond my reach so cannot comment on them.

Yes, the wines could be considered expensive in relative terms but considering they come from a country with a high standard of living and that the vineyards themselves are sometimes difficult and expensive to work I think they often offer a better quality price ratio than Burgundy.

Don’t think any horses, let alone tractors, are being used to plough between the rows of vines in some of the Ahr vineyards. A well trained herd of mountain goats with dinky little ploughs might just be up to it though !


I was lucky enough to pick up an Aldinger mixed case a few years back from TWS which contained two bottles of the 2012 Marienglas. It was stunning and worth every penny. Just checked notes and it was £36 if bought individually so kudos to TWS for selling the 2014 a pound cheaper.

In an ideal world I would have taken a punt on a six pack of the 2014 but common sense dictated otherwise. I shall look forward to broaching my sole bottle of the 2014 sometime soon. And then probably rueing my decision not to spend up


Oo thanks that’s my prompt to submit my pending order to be in with a chance at a golden bottle! :yum:


I see there are only four bottles in your basket presently leaving space for two golden bottles. Er, did you really just add a bottle of the Marienglas too ?

If so, the pressure’s on !


An expert selection, the perfect amount to not only leave room for a sneaky winner but also take advantage of free shipping whilst also not taking up too much room in an already crowded space :laughing: