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Sparkling diversity - NOT


I was checking the sparkling wines on offer and was very very surprised…



(Some wines have no region assigned it appears)

I for one would definitely want to see more cava for starters. It is not a major complaint and I am aware that this might be a fair reflection of demand in the UK.

Any views on Franciacorta?

It is an interesting one. We showed 3 Sparklings at the Highlights tasting series. Despite all 3 receiving positive comments throughout the events, they were by far the poorest performing when it came to sales taking up 19, 20 and 21st place in both quantity and value.

Now there could be many reasons for that but the fact all 3 were non French has to be a consideration.


I take it there were 21 wines… Is this measured based on orders on site or online after the tasting. Not that surprising if you think how many bottles of still wine one drinks between sparklers.


It’s maybe not the best time of year for selling sparkling wine either. I was at the Glasgow tasting, and liked 2 of the 3 sparklers, which were both priced at or around champagne levels. I also still have half of the case I got at Christmas at a very good price, so I’m not buying any more right now.

I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on the sales at the tastings for these ones at this time of year. I bought 4 or 5 of the still wines.


Yes there were 21 wines shown and was based on all sales using the tasting discount. The 3 sparklings combined accounted for less than than 1% of total sales so significantly under represented even based on sparking vs still wine.

As I mentioned there are many reasons and time of year is definitely one of them. Could give a whole page of them but there is no doubt there is still a reluctance to spend money on sparkling wine that is not Champagne.


Riesling based Sekt is the biggest omission, agree that people don’t give good Cava enough of a go either.


Happy to report that Cava-loving members will have some more goodies to look forward to this summer :slight_smile:


I completely agree.



Can I say that I would definitely look to buy the Tas or the English sparkling in wine in future ahead of champagne…BUT… I am glad I had the opportunity to taste them first.

I would also note that even at the 10% discounted price they were both a fiver or so dearer than the very good pre Xmas deal on very decent champagne which worked out under £20 a bottle. Until that stock goes, I don’t need to/haven’t the space to buy any more. However, they have both been filed in the memory bank for future reference as being better than many a champagne I have drunk. So yes, there was a reluctance on my part but it wasn’t simply down to them not being champagne.


Cava is my sparkler of choice, certainly. But to be honest I’m not interested in sparkling wine – I drink it when society demands, but given a free choice I’ll always go for a still wine.


I do like German Sekt and also I believe there should be more English sparkling wine especially from the South Downs. It is just getting better and better . BreakyBottom being a favourite at the moment. I also appreciate though that different times of year different wine will be in favour too .