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Spanish Wine Fraud?

[from Google translate]


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All seems pretty murky. I don’t entirely understand what appears to have gone wrong, but looks like accusations from rivals and potential bottle mis-labelling.

Edit: On attempting to learn more about the accuser, I googled his association (Avival). To stop anyone else making the same mistake, http://www.avival.com/ is actually the website for ASSOCIATION OF BREEDERS OF BREEDS OF PIGS AND AUTOMOTIVE VALENCIAN PIGEONS (according to google translating the page).

To make matters more confusing, I think the pigs bit actually means rabbits. However, the two minutes of distraction it provides won’t reveal what on earth an automotive Valencian pigeon is, nor will it enlighten you as to the intentions of J. García Carrión.

Further updates welcomed.


As an aside, whilst not a great fan of his plain bottlings (though I have some time for the appellation Valdepenas), the Gran Reserva de Familia that he produces will literally live forever. I’ve had a couple of different vintages and drank one at 18 years and one at 15. Both felt like barrel samples. Almost impossible to tell how sophisticated they would (or wouldn’t) become , but might be interesting after about 5 decades.


It will refer to indigenous pigeon… not sure how autócton gets translated to automotive (autocorrect?), but hey-ho.

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you will find it is actually hens


Well, that puts Google page translate to shame. Should have been autochthonous maybe?

Hens makes a lot more sense, though rabbits are discussed on the website.

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Did you just win a bet using that word in a sentence on a wine forum?


It is not a word I have ever typed before (had to add the ‘h’ after auto-spell), but i’ve heard it used quite a bit on podcasts, I think mostly by Italian wine-makers. i think the more natural English word would be indigenous. There is a difference, but it is marginal for most instances.