Spanish Spelunkers

Yes, bought 3 but stuck them in reserves. Not had any previously so can’t offer any opinions. Suspect I won’t open the first for a couple ofyears yet unless someone says it’s good to go.
I take it you bought some too?

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Yes, three, still unopened.

I’m also in the 3 still unopened club.

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But an additional six of the 2018s as of yesterday too!

Does anyone happen to know the difference between the Altolandon Bobals sold by TWS and the Co-op?

Similar price. Co-op version uses the word ‘Extreme’ prominently on the front label but that word’s also there, on the back label, in TWS version. So, different label for different vintage, or different cuvee/wine?

(FWIW, Altolandon website does not help.)

For anyone interested, it appears to be the same wine. The back labels are the same including identical bar codes. Good value, enjoyable, easy drinking wine. A little rustic perhaps, but none the worse for it. I’d peg it more as medium-full than full. Reminded me a little of Marcillac. We drank it slightly on the warm side, the bottle having sat on the side in the kitchen for the past two days; I thought it may have been better a little closer to cellar cool.


I don’t have the energy to write up all the notes from a Catalan wine tasting I went to during the week last week but also…

I’d never had a white Priorat before.

Not cheap but sweet rude words this was delicious! A big mash-up of all the local whites led by Garnatxa Blanco, but with bits of everything in there. If you were to put this on a spectrum between an old school white Rioja and a good white Rhone, it’d be right in the middle. It’s a beautifully clear golden colour. It doesn’t have the stone fruit of a Rhone, but still has some tropical notes while also having the minerals, honey and hazelnuts of a good old white and the amazing herbal notes from a rioja. Insanely long, salty fennel finish.

I really enjoyed this wine.

Also sampled was the same estates 2013 red Priorat, which was also delicious, but not £65 a bottle delicious. A really good Cava Rosado from Emporada, a white from Rousillion, a red from Emporada that was probably very good by really not to my taste with the HUGE amount of american oak and a really delicious but again too spenny Ranccio-y pudding wine from Maury.


Obvs not the most important factor but that’s a cracking old-school label. I’d enjoy that every time I stumbled on it in the rack. If only I had any space in the rack.



Vivino are doing Bohórquez Reserva 2009 for £25/bottle.

I’m no expert on Spanish vintages etc, but I do know the 2010 is certainly a cracker!

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20% cheaper with DRINKBETTER too

New in


I am definitely up for this Rioja Alta tasting. Six wines and a £55 voucher redeemable within 4 weeks on La Rioja Alta wines.


Gah! Two days before my Southern Masters weightlifting competition. I really shouldn’t be drinking then… but…


That is a really decent price - essentially a free tasting after the discount if I’ve read it right?

However… 2004 890 and from a magnum??? That is masochism of the highest order!


I think the discount is a bit of a red herring - if my searches are correct they only have two La Rioja Alta products on their site (I think one at c.£197 (a case of 4 of which 8 are in stock) and one at c.£322 (a case of 12)).

A good price for the tasting, but unless you are planning to spend £140+ after discount, I would not be booking just for the discount

I am not, personally. I am very interested in the tasting for the tasting and am pretty sure that by the time the tasting comes around they will have more La Rioja Alta bounty for sale. The tasting event was only posted today. And at less than £23/bottle after discount I am certainly interested in a case of the 2015 wine.

Tasting looks fab!

Wonder if they’d let us “pool” our vouchers… :innocent:


Any Spanish wine lovers here that are familiar with the wines of Bodegas Bernabeleva? Would you recommend?

A number of them are available through Decantolo and I know many here use that retailer.

On my Decantalo wish-list so I’m also interested.

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Decantalo offering free delivery to UK on orders up to £199 until Sunday. Combined with an email alert that 2013 Gravonia was in stock means resistance is futile