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Spanish Spelunkers

That’s great to know. I will try at some point. £16.83 if you buy 6 or more looks appealing. If I had not been so quick off the mark to order the As Sortes 2019 from Noblewines, I’d have gone here and added some Louro at that price.


It’s worth it - the 2011 is amazing and will get even better. Grand cru Burgundy quality in my book.

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Anybody tried this one:

Glowing write ups the two reviewers so far.


Yep! It’s very good for the price! :+1: I always try and have a couple bottles in the rack when the Society stocks them (I don’t really do cases).

For a few more pounds, though, this one is even better:

With real depth and fantastic texture from the lees. Hopefully will come back into stock at some point.


It’s a shame TWS haven’t restocked on the Valdesil Sobre Lias nor the Louro. I bought some from Vinissimus last Autumn. I prefer the Louro with a year or more bottle age so the 2019s are resting.

Just had an email from Vinissium that Tondonio Blanco is back in stock at just under €50! That is some price increase even over the last 3 years. I’m out at that price


I had the good fortune until a few years ago to be in and out of Spain a lot for work in early Summers for 10+ years, and one of my favourite aspects to that was discovering - and lugging many many bottles home - the glory of Godello. From the unoaked to the oaked, sobre lias or not, I must have tried dozens in that time and despite their differences - they can be very different wines depending on where they’re from - I don’t think I ever had one that I didn’t at least like a lot. Fruity, minerally, flinty, textured, often great depth, lots going on, and with the [for me] really good ones, a shimmering background taste in them almost like gorse-flower - that lovely light-but-luscious vanilla-whiff. Personally I tend to almost always go for the oaked & sobre lias ones these days, as I just love how they drink. Sometimes Godello is blended with a bit of Loureira / Albariño, but I myself tend to prefer the pure ones.

From what you can easily get here, which now is pretty good compared to 15 years ago [although prices have sadly rather jumped up from the good old days], the various Valdesil [their Pezas da Portela Godello is particularly nice], Rafael Palacios and the Gaba do Xil ones are always a good bet. Great VfM wines in my book, and other people always seem to enjoy them too.

My own favourite to date [thinking quality & VfM], though I’ve not had one in a while, is the Avancia Cuvee de O - an amazing wine for my particular tastes. For folk like me with not a huge amount of money to splurge on vino - and therefore with limited experience of drinking and comparing “top wines” - the Avancia is as good as white wine gets. That with some octopus & potatoes would be my last supper.

A bit of a lengthy post, but if I had to choose one grape for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be Godello. I just love 'em :~}

[I just wish the Wine Soc would stock more of them more often!]


Your name for this thread reminded me of a trip in the long distant past that I made with my school. We went to Spain to go down one of their seriously big cave systems (I can no longer remember which or even where), it was a three or four day trip and the school had hired a local guide. So off we set and sometime later we made camp in a large cavern. We unpacked from our bags tents, sleeping bags, food, cookers etc. The guide took his pack off and all he had in it were several bottles of wine! He figured it was our job to feed him :smiley:


This is going to be added to the next basket where it is available. thanks!

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Nice, thanks @Inbar. This will be going in the next order and will be looking out for the posher ones.

@crocos I used to buy the Gaba do Xil regularly, but haven’t had it for a while.

Clearly time to up my Godello game!


Hopefully in keeping with more than just the name of the thread, they were a selection of well made Treixaduras!

I’m not sure they even had labels! I think they were refills at his local vineyard! This would have been around '71.

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Not sure whether to post this here on in @lapin_rouge’s thread searching for reasonably priced old wine, but I’ve just been sent


Through from Swig.


Very reasonable prices - if the wines any good.

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While Swig are usually a bit pricey, I’ve never had a bad bottle from them.

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I ordered the 2001 Valdeyuso from L&W recently

Who knows if it’s any good, but seems like it’s worth a punt at the price.