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Spanish Spelunkers

New event on the horizon. Number 3 on the “wines to be tasted” list has my attention. Presumably there’ll be some stock realeased a wee bit beforehand.

Anyone had it before?



Oooooh now that looks interesting! Although for an event on modern vs classical styles, most of the wines appear to be classical in style. The exhibition reserva is produced by La Rioja Alta I understand to be quite traditional.

I hope so!

I’ve had their entry level Rosado, but never the GR.

The Lopez de Haro Rosado will be released in September in limited quantity.

so will be gone before announced

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They’d probably be better off splitting the bottles down to tasters like they did with the Naoussa evening. I suspect that it will be a stampede for the precious few available, and besides, as much as I would love to join in a Rioja tasting, even if I was lucky enough to score one of those bottles, I’m unlikely to open it with 3 other bottles. I’d be saving it for a more ‘special’ occasion.

(There is no implied criticism here, both the wine and the evening event are welcome, just an observation).


Morning all,

Thinking of taking the plunge on this:

Has anybody tried this wine? Sounds right up my alley, can’t seem to find any references to it on these fine pages.

Cheers all

On the Garnacha front, this is a lovely wine

These wines have always been great value and perhaps they’ve now realised that and are just cashing in? Having been in Spain recently, some vineyards are moving away from using GR or R on their bottles as it’s just marketing guff at the end of the day. You can put any rubbish in a barrel for 5 years and call it GR! Expecting some oif the Rioja wines to go up in price soon anyway given how much money they are investing in the wineries - some pretty state of the art stuff.

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Anyone familiar with the wines of Terroir Al Límit. L&W offering some at eye watering prices.

I tried one once and decided they were very very good at marketing. OK, but really nothing to warrant the prices other than the “take the standard hipster Old Vine Garnacha schpiel and move it from a Gredos/Campo de Borja and multiply by Priorat”.

Edit: ouch! Just seen the prices. My views were made when they cost about half that.