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Spain tasting this evening


Just got home from the Spain tasting in London this evening. I’ve only been to about 4 or 5 wine society tastings, but this was one of the best so far. I tend to come away with 3 or 4 wines in the ‘must buy’ category, but after this one I had at least 10. Ranging from inexpensive everyday bottles to more ‘special’ ones (although even these were good value at £28 or less).

Particular favourites were the Doelas Albariño, Parcelas Ecologico Monastrell, Momo Vendimia Seleccionda (amazing value) and the Mauro. Not a fan of Rioja as a rule, but the Urbina Reserva Especial 2001 shows what a bit of cellar age and restraint in the winery can do, and is perfect to drink now.

I will definitely be getting a case or two of these wines! Well done to the Spain buyer on this tasting, really enjoyed all the wines.


Rioja must have got on your bad side…

Seriously good to see Monastrell (aka mourvedre) and Albariño doing well. Tempted to try them. Thanks for the report.


I can appreciate a good Rioja, it’s just the oak juice that you often find in some of the entry level wines must have put me off!
There were some much fresher, subtly oaked wines on tasting last night. Also good to see a move away from American oak towards French (or at least a mixture of barrel types) which for me makes more interesting wines.
I’m definitely coming around to a good Rioja!


Its worth persisting, there are many styles of Rioja, some are more heavily oaked vs others - I usually aim to go for a reserva for the level of aging as I find it usually smoother and better integrated than a crianza which can be slightly more raw - worth checking out a few different producers though.


Thanks for the recommendations! :smile: Quite a few on that list of yours that I’ve never heard of let alone tried, so I’ll have a browse on the website…

Oh yes, I’m not a huge fan of these either. I’m guessing it was there last night, but did you try the Glorioso Crianza?

It’s described as more modern, fruit-forward style and if I remember rightly (it’s been a few months since I tried it) it wasn’t too oak-juice-y! Really good value too.

Cheers for the 2001 tip-off - haven’t tried that one and I reckon it would be a good Christmas bottle to splash out on? :smile:


Yes, tried the Glorioso, very elegant - it was French oak if I remember rightly.

Also have a note that the Bodegas Murua crianza was good value and a lighter, more elegant style.

The 2001 is a steal at £17!


It was a great tasting and the venue was spectacular. I agree the Albariños were stunning - so fresh and vibrant and clean. Also Mauro and San Román - amazing wines. And the white Muga - gorgeous.

I spoke to quite a few members - next time I’ll try to seek out active community members. Maybe we should wear badges with our community IDs so we can find each other? Now that could be fun…


Or a secret handshake?!!


Or wear a shirt as loud as Roberts :smiley:


Looks like it was just me who thought the 3C Premium Selection Carinena 2013 was excellent value at £7.50. It had a lovely ripe cherry colour with full round fruit in the mouth. A good quaffing wine for the nextt year or so.


I’m with you on that one. Very nice, and really good value. But for a similar price, the Vina Mayor Rivera del Duero pips it for me