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Southwold Bordeaux 2016s


Hi all,

I have been waiting patiently for the Rhone and Barolo En Primeur releases coming through in the first quarter of the year. One thing I hadn’t necessarily considered is that it is also the timing of the Southwold tasting of the 3 and a bit year old Bordeaux. This year it was the turn of the 2016 vintage. I have included a few (free to access) links to some of the reviews below.


I have to give a health warning on these links. The 2016 vintage is said to have no parallel since the turn of the century with only the 2010 vintage coming close to its quality. Despite the fact I already had the Canon, Brane Cantenac and Montlandrie from En- Primeur season I have bought another 6 bottles each of 4 different Bordeaux 2016 wines this week after reading these and Jancis’ review of the vintage in bottle.

Proceed with caution!


A few 2016s currently available from TWS Here


Thanks for this.

Just found Jancis’ notes for the Reserve de la Comtesse 2016 from this tasting.

“Tasted blind. Quite correct ripe fruit. A bit simple and scrawny but certainly an expression of the vintage, plus a bit of extra tartness.
Drink 2025 – 2033”

Not a ringing endorsement.

Bit of a shame as that’s the horse I backed!

Ho hum


Jancis published a piece on the FT today which was at the other end of the spectrum, ie very complimentary, on the 2016s - entitled “My best bordeaux ever”.


2016 Bordeaux is well represented in my cellar with 31 bottles… looking forward to JR’s detailed notes to come out, but even more to trying the wines in a few year’s time. Seems I got lucky with the vintage with both Canon and Les Cruzelles specifically called out in the linked blog.


Jancis notes came through this week if you want to have a look. I now have 48 bottles 12 Montlandrie, the 6 each of Cruzelles, Vieille Cure, Brane Cantenac, Canon, Grand Puy Lacoste and Langoa Barton. I am having to hold myself back from getting more as the Leoville Poyferre is very tempting plus there are only so many vintages they can praise Meyney without me buying any.


Definitely considering picking up a case of the 2016 Meymey based on Jancis view in the FT


I already had Brane-Cantenac and Tour Blanche and was pleased to see both got good reviews (with the latter apparently being the runner-up to Yquem). Bought both en primeur from TWS.

Will likely go back for more but am trying to taste through chateaux to see which ones I like (answer - most of them, especially on the left bank).


This thread has led me to reconsider participating in the Rhone 18 EP offer; it seems even in an excellent year its possible to hold off from the EP campaign and come back in when the dust and the wines have settled.

How much more so for an indifferent year which is likely to be early drinking in any case so not much of a wait I reckon before TWS offer the Rhone 2018s DP…

On that basis I’ve pulled my Rhone EP order entirely (Gonon odds are marginally better now for the rest!)


Funnily enough this tasting made me look again at the 2010s rather than the 16s. They would appear comparable and have a six year head start. I think I am getting more impatient with my wine buying…