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South West London wine appreciation group

Wimbledon, also interested

I’m New Malden based and interested.

Also in Putney and would be interested!

Hoping to move to the area and would definitely be interested.

Yes yes

Maybe we could organise something for September.

Ealing here, Putney - Clapham etc is doable. Second half of September would be good for me.

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Yes - Teddington* but anywhere in the Clapham/Putney/Wimbledon area works well for me.

*yes it’s still London, I know it’s zone six and basically Portsmouth to some people…


I know you’re thinking…september… mushroom risotto season…and we all know what pairs perfectly with this ! :wink:

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I’ll keep an open mind.

Any suggestions where ? There’s lots of restaurants doing BYOs. Just need to find one with a good seasonal risotto !

Not sure what Sorella (Clapham’s) Corkage policy is, but they do a cracking risotto. I’ll investigate!


It certainly felt that way when I lived there! :wink:

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Sounds great, ex of SW London but if can manage to get home to Surrey on a train with reasonable ease would be keen to join.

looks interesting

I can check with http://www.adegarestaurant.co.uk/ in Wimbledon if that is of interest.


I’d be up for that!

I’m easy, happy with both options, either works for me.

Either restaurant option looks good to me, and second half of September would be very good timing-wise!

I’m in Clapham Junction (not in the station itself!) so would be interested in coming along too depending on dates.