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South West London wine appreciation group

If anyone is interested in a South West London Group, please post here and we may get one going similar to the North London one. I live in Wimbledon and have two young kids. Flexibility to meet up is limited, but not impossible.


I am in Shepherds Bush, so can get down into SW London pretty easily and would certainly be interested

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I’m in Wandsworth and would be interested.

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Have created a South-West London tasting group for you and added the three of you to it. :smiley: Anyone else interested in joining - you can find the group here and just need to click ‘Join’ in the top right corner!

I am also near Shepherds Bush and Chiswick and likewise would be interested.


Just joined the group - Epsom


My wife and I live in Battersea and would be interested.


We are in fulham and would be interested to hear more about it

Sounds like fun, KT17

I’m in Wandsworth and would be interested

I am in Putney and would be interested in joining. Thanks

In Pimlico so SW good for me :slight_smile:

Hi - I‘m in Wimbledon too and would be really interested in this.

Hi there @Gerard, @Hounds, @queenie - I can see you’ve registered an interest in this but haven’t joined the group yet!

You can join this tasting group here - just click ‘join’ in the top right hand corner. :slight_smile:

I’m in Southfields and this sounds good to me!


Did we get anywhere on a date, when I last heard 20th was being suggested, but I don’t recall seeing anything since. Have I missed something?

There were 3 takers for that evening and it kind of got stuck there…I think ideally we would be between 4 and 8.

My wife and I could come on 20th, which would make four or five I think.

Let us know what is decided.

Anyone fancy a South West London tasting? I’m based in Putney.


I’m in Clapham and could probably be persuaded.