South of France “Tatin” recipe

Now, before you ask, this is a rehash of a Rick Stein inspired savoury tarte tatin. It’s actually a Ratatouille tarte tatin.
First you need to confit tomatoes by halving them, putting in a baking tray with some crushed garlic, thyme and seasoning and heating in olive oil at 100oC for 2.5hrs. A dash of good balsamic enhances the richness of flavour.
Once done, you can store in oil in the fridge if you really need to.
To construct your tatin, use a large non stick pan that can go in the oven(with or without handle), place some anchovies symmetrically on the pan, sprinkle more thyme, add the confit tomatoes, cover with roasted peppers (the kind you get in a jar is so easy). Take some ready rolled puff pastry and cut to shape. Slosh on some black olive tapenade and then cover the tarte with the pastry. You might want to heat the pan to get the juices of the tomatoes flowing before then shoving in the oven until the pastry is cooked.
Invert onto your serving board, inhale deeply, cut and demolish with a good glass of spectacular Rhone red.


I very much like the sound of this, thank-you. I have been clearing cupboards prior to Christmas and came across my copper tatin dish so I may take it out for a spin. I suppose a hot-ish oven? 200 would do?

Sounds good

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Went for a caperberry finish


A beautiful creation, as always, @DrEm! I think you and @robertd should start a restaurant venture together! :smile:

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