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South Africa's finest offer - [October 2018]



One sitting contentedly contemplating no more orders this year… and then this comes around…

Very tempting mixed case of SA Pinot Noirs in the offer… among other things.

… and a port alternative (?)


That mixed case TWS presentation is very misleading, since they are all, I think, reds?


There is a mixed dozen which has both red and white .


Yes but I’m referring to that particular 6 bottle mixed case which has the mixed white and red image attached to it, suggesting it is a mixed red and white case rather than a mixed red case. I may be wrong but I’m sure they normally use an image showing two glasses of red when the case is a mixed red case. On this occasion they appear to have stuck the same image on all the mixed cases no matter what they contain.

Sorry just me being picky I guess!


I’m a bit confused :woman_shrugging:, there doesn’t seem to be a “mixed” 6 bottle that only contains reds, there is a 6 btl cape Chardonnay case, an easy drinking cape red x12, an everyday whites x12, a capes discovery mixed x12 and a Pinot Noir case x12 .


The PN case linked above is a mixed six and has a glass of white and red wine… :open_mouth:


That’s just our generic ‘mixed case’ image we use for all mixed cases at the moment:

Not ideal, though, I agree. Hopefully we’ll get some better imagery soon…!


Just wondering who would buy a mixed case based on the TWS stock photo :wink:


Yes but it states it’s Pinot Noir , enough of a confirmation for me :rofl::rofl::rofl::see_no_evil:


just saying… :wink:


Looks like one I might want to try so thanks for that :rofl:


I’ve been contemplating the Pinot mixed case, too, mostly because I liked the Crystallum pintos sold earlier this year so much. What has held me back so far is that these are all very young (2017) so would probably profit from a few years of cellaring (???). And, I don’t know any of these wines. Has anyone tried any of these?



I’ve not tried any of the 2017s, and none of that vintage are in Platter 2018 as its published too early, but generally all are 4.5 star wines (Newton Johnson 5 stars)

Iona Limited Release isn’t listed at all, perhaps its a new labelling for this vintage, their last PN was 2014 vintage (4 stars) according to Platter

Newton is superb, and they and Meerlust has a long PN track record.

Your call tho’ whether worth it and worth ageing


Thanks, peterm! That does sound like it is worth a shot! I will report back… in a couple of years…:wink:


I really enjoyed the 2015 when I tried it last year. The best I can say off the top of my head is that it had a very satisfying classicism to it.


Beautiful turn of phrase! Spot on. Wish I’d thought of it.


Wish I’d bought some more!


Ah the dilemma of a wine lover. I can’t afford the wine I buy and yet constantly bemoan not buying more!!


So very true… - my feelings exactly! Regarding the thread, I have managed to stay clear of this one (having bought Tokara and Meerlust last year), but the temptation is still there for such good wine.