South African Saviour

Yes, I have attended a wine tasting given by the owners.

Despite the somewhat anodyne name they produce excellent wines. Their Pinot Noirs are world class. They are located at the top of the Hemel-en-Aarde valley, a place that has a well deserved reputation for Burgundian varieties.

You need to have no fears about the quality of their wines.


I love their wines! Definitely worth doing the tasting if you can. Can’t remember having a bad wine of theirs.


Thanks everyone, it’s all booked.


On the subject of South African wines this week I drank a bottle of Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir it was a wonderful wine. It’s not cheap around £36 but boy is it good the best Pinot I have drunk in years.


The vintage was 2021.

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I bought four bottles from Laithwaites. With 20% cashback they worked out at £28 each!

Which scores 94/100 in Platter’s Wine Guide 2023.

I’ve got a 6 pack of these but haven’t cracked it open yet. Ready to go now?


Fantastic vineyard. Pinot’s are brilliant!

No connection etc but L&W have a lot of new additions from clients inc Sadie and mature Rubicon.

This was a very enjoyable lunch. Great wines, fantastic company and lovely food.

The whites particularly impressed. Just got to stay awake on the train home and get off at my stop :yawning_face:


Glad you enjoyed. I think we said hello briefly at the start.
I’ll assemble some thought tomorrow on our tables wines.

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Some useful information can be found here (free to read)

South Africa – vintage 2023 report |

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