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Something strange going on with the Thelema CS 2017. It says its a new vintage but I bought these nearly a year ago in April 22. They’re in reserves now.
Wondering if they should have been listed as 18’s or last year I got 16’s but just dont know yet!!!

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These things are not always reliable. The Exhibition Gewurz 2017 is also shown as a new vintage but it’s been available before - in fact the 2019 has been around too. I’m sure there are plenty of other examples.


I think this is where the labelling system on the website is a mess… but to be charitable it may be the Society trying to be helpful.

There should be a difference between:

  1. ‘First listing’ which could mean something like ‘the first time this wine has been offered’;


  1. ‘Updated listing’ which could mean when a wine is re-offered on the site.

Both have their uses, and the updated listing is really important if you want to be able to filter to see wines recently added for sale. You may want to know about those quickly, irrespective of whether they were also offered for sale a couple of years ago. I suspect there must be many members use this quite a bit, so really important not to lose this.

Maybe the Society can comment (@TeresaGirao ) but I think when they are marking a wine as ‘new’ it is often the second example above, I.e. drawing attention to the fact it is now back on offer. Personally I think that is helpful, and I would prefer that to only using ‘new’ the very first time something was offered.

But maybe best of all is a couple of different labels which can be used as needed.


Just received a case of 6 of the 2019 BdB.

Anyone tried this yet?

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Not me. There are many excellent MCCs and I’ve enjoyed several Klein Constantia wines, but I don’t think I’ve had a MCC from them.

There’s so many MCCs one is spoilt for choice so speaking personally I wouldn’t choose a BdB as I have found after many years of drinking fizz, if made from the classic trio of varieties I prefer BdN or a hefty proportion of PM &/or PN


A small number of meerlust red left if anyone is interested

Today’s treat is the rather special Cape Winemakers Guild bottling by Gordon Newton Johnson from the Pinot in their Seadragon vineyard. If you have enjoyed the Family Pinot

Noir, this is one of the main components.

If we needed an excuse, it was to raise a glass to brother Bevan and his team of swimmers who have just completed a relay swim across False Bay for CHOC children’s cancer charity. Great effort that deserves a great wine.


The supermarkets are currently doing the 25% off 6 deal again.
I see that Tescos and Waitrose both have a Journeys End Cab Sauv available. The Tescos bottling is called Family Reserve and the Waitrose one is called Sir Lowry.
Tescos wine is £9, Waitrose £15 pre discount.
Tescos wine 14%, Waitrose 12% although this must be an error. Cant remember ever having a SA Cab at only 12% before!!
I was wondering if any SA aficionados out there knew if these wines were the same product but labeled specifically for the different supermarkets.

Hey everyone,
Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I was really impressed with Glenelly’s ‘Glass Collection’ Cab Sauv.
I think this Reserve sits between that collection and their top wine Lady May.
2015 a cracking year too in the Cape and seems like a sharp price after discount. Roughly equal to what Glenelly are charging from their website for it.

Any thoughts/comments greatly appreciated.

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I also really enjoyed the Glass Collection CS, incredible value. I’d had the Estate Reserve 2013 from TWS a couple of years ago, and was really impressed, sadly OOS before I could buy a case…

I recently bought some 2015 from L&S (at £17, so Waitrose offer isn’t bad). Was expecting great things, but first 2 bottles have been a bit disappointing tbh. Just no wow factor and little fruit. I’m optimistically going to keep the rest for another year or so, but would have thought that 2015s would be hitting their stride by now. Would be interested to hear your thoughts if you get some.


Glenelly have never really done it fot me. I’ve always felt they’ve tried too hard to be too French. Too much restraint and not enough flamboyance leading to dull wines. Even thought the Lady May was seriously lacking in character.
If you’re feeling flush, chuck a bit more at it and go for some of the Rustenburg Peter Barlow, a truely artful SA masterpiece.


Same here! We absolutely loved the 2013 Estate - though only had a couple bottles before it went OOS.
From WS notes, the blend was 47% cabernet sauvignon, 23% merlot, 15% syrah, 11% cabernet franc, 4% petit verdot - so not 100% Bordeaux blend due to the Syrah, but none the worse for it :grin:
I don’t know what the 2015 blend is, though.

In my opinion - worth the punt :+1::blush:


The Barlow is indeed great, still holding on to a couple of 2009s…
But the JXM - that’s VGV most vintages, especially when on offer.
(I note the 2017 magnums are still available…)


Took a quick look at the Glenelly website a couple of days ago and very pleased i did.
Quote from their decription of the Lady May…“elegant, distinguished and venerable, just like it’s owner”.
Didn’t know whether to laugh or barf.
Talk about being up yourself!!!

I haven’t met May de Lancquessaing, though I think that some here have. But given what she’s achieved in a lifetime of winemaking, I feel she’s worthy of a bit more respect than that.


I have met her a number of times since 2000 including lunch at Pichon Lalande. She unexpectedly inherited Pichon whilst in her 50s when her father died. Married to a General in the French Army, she took a course at Bordeaux University to get a degree in oenology and elevate the performance of the estate. On her wish to retire with none of her children being interested, she sold Pichon and bought a plum farm in Stellenbosch next to Rustenberg, re-profiled the land and planted the vines. There is a super restaurant on site as well as a tasting room. She has invested in the local community by providing health care and education. Now at 97 years of age she is still going strong - I saw her, last, in mid-March this year.


I do apologise, sounds like the poor woman has suffered terribly for her art. Not at all as though she’s had a charmed and hugely privileged life of the bordelaise landed gentry. Also, for the fact her wines just dont float my boat.


Here you are
35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 15% Syrah, 10% Petit Verdot, 10% Cabernet Franc

Fact sheet here -


Anyone familiar with Creation Estate? A local restaurant is holding a dinner and tasting - the food will be good, any thoughts on the wine gratefully received!

Yes @CCouzens . We have visited the estate several times over recent years and drunk their wies elsewhere in SA and in the UK. The wines are excellent - similar quality levels to their neighbours, Newton Johnson. Mostly 5 or 4.5 red stars for their range in Platter’s 2023 edition.