South African Saviour

Sorry, but I was advised it was the escom app and thought ESP stood for something like Escom Power.
Things have changed a lot in SA since i lived there in the early 80’s. I was very surprised to find pop up ads on the ESP app advertising sex aids and, as far as I could make out, the proffessional services of transvestite call girls.

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@Lawrence-DD5A8 asked about 2018 Rubicon.
Christian Eedes who edits the South African wine site wrote that “The 2018 vintage for Stellenbosch red wines has turned out to be average, the wines generally offering some pleasure but accessible now rather than requiring maturation.” A general rather than a specific view but useful re 2018 Rubicon. It also supports the comment from @dshepuk above.


We enjoyed a tasting at the estate about 3 weeks ago. Whilst the 18 Rubicon can be drunk now, I thought it had plenty of stuffing and could be ignored for a decade without worrying. I loved the nose on the 19 Meerlust Red, but thought it was a little light in the mouth. The only wine that didn’t excite me was the Pinot, I just felt they are better suited to Bordeaux varieties.


Must have profiled you :grinning:

I’m getting is crypto currency, power tools and charities begging me to foster a child.

ESP stands for EskomSePush and the app developers are named in this 4 year old Cape Times newspaper story

Over 5 million downloads now.


This proved to be an excellent aperitif and well worth its Platter write-up.


ISTR seeing a question on whether TWS might carry Boekenhoutskloof Syrah at some point recently - presumably on this thread, but perhaps not.

I noticed this back on the list yesterday:

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that was me,. thank you - I’ve subsequently picked some up in the Waitrose sale for £27.75 pb.


Though currently £27.75 (mix 6 price after 25% discount) from Waitrose Cellar. 2018 also advertised, though of course no guarantee of that being delivered with Waitrose.

At a return visit to Oldenburg today, we tasted 7 of their mid-range wines including the 2022 Chardonnay which has only recently been released and is delicious. TWS offered (and quickly sold) the 2021 last autumn and I hope that @lockej will be securing the 2022 for listing later this year.


Great photo

Good price that!

The last few weeks I have been enjoying South African Pinot Noir. I really do think there wines are amzazing and such good value compared with Burgundy. The three that really put South Africa on the map for me were as follows.
Meerlust PN 2021
Hamilton Russell PN 2019
Peter Max 2020
I don’t want to sound like sideways but S/A Pinot Noir is hitting the spot for me.


Are those toward the richer, more tannic end of PN? I’m very interested in SA PN as well but currently it feels like a solitary pursuit. Some form of tasting event would be great.

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It would be great to have a tasting Im in London.

Not tannic but rich with loads of flavour and long aftertaste.

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I think Bristol would be a great middle point compromise :rofl:


Bristol is definitely a superior choice. Too many wine tastings in London already!

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To Delheim to have my long awaited Cape Malay Chicken Curry

I was pressed to try a glass of their new Riesling

Bottled without their usual label because this was a collaboration with a winemaker they’d flown in from Germany.

Riesling is not my ‘go-to’ wine but I really enjoyed this, crisply dry with a fresh lemon thread to it and none of the oily petrol notes I dislike (except in blind tastings).

And, allelujah, the sun came out as the clouds cleared.

This is the view we had, taken at the table.

and this is the view from that direction. You’ve caught us with the only dessert we’ve had so far, but I couldn’t resist Pinotage ice-cream.

We were only going to have a glass of wine each, Pinotage for me and Grand Reserve for Mrs M, but not only were we gifted a glass each of Riesling but co-owner Victor Sperling brought over a bottle of Vera Cruz Pinotage


Last dinner came this.


Ordered a case of Cap Classique from Klein Constantia. At £18 a bottle, it’s one of the best values around for sparkling wine, anywhere.