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South African Saviour

I recently opened a bottle of the ‘15 and it’s still quite muted and needs a bit more time to come round .


Kanonkop annually release some 10 year old Estate wines. The 2011 Pinotage is currently available.


This one appeared suddenly today.

Meerlust Estate Rubicon, Stellenbosch 2017 (thewinesociety.com)

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aaaand it’s gone…

Just had a leaflet from Majestic advertising Honey Drop Chardonnay.

Apparently “It’s made as close to the sea as you can get in Stellenbosch.”

Furthermore “this means a luxuriously long ripening period in the soaking South African sun.”

I’m obviously going to have to buy some on the strength of that.


You are scoring some great wines at the moment!

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There’s Stellenbosch the town, which is not near the sea, and Stellenbosch the appellation which does stretch down to False Bay.

But what winery? The blurb says ‘it’s made’ not the grapes are grown there.

None of the grapes grown in the Western Cape are very far from the sea, but wine growers usually promote the cooling influence of sea breezes in producing fresh tasting wines.

I’ve not seen this wine, but I’ve not heard of Honey Drop and I can’t see it in Platter. If it doesn’t have a Neck Seal it’s likely to be bulk shipped and I personally wouldn’t pay £9.99 for a bulk shipped wine.



Two legends just appeared… :grinning:. … why oh why do I keep checking every day for new wines coming up!!! This is turning into a " I am absolutely not buying anything in Sept to - I have spent so much on wine in September!" LOL


Thanks - this is tempting! I saw the Warwick but missed out. Any experience of comparing the Franschhoek with the Stellenbosch?

IMO although I like both (& had a head to head tasting with each of this vintage) for me the Stellenbosch one is the “better” more robust one. Saying that both are fantastic reds and I would drink either without a doubt. The 2015 vintage is also a spectacular year for SA reds.




Some interesting South African wines showing as due in:



Here’s the link to all South African wines due in:



Kanonkop in stock at the South Africa House of Wine, including one at £130.


Not clear if this is information or a recommendation, but the prices there are expensive.

The £130 one is the Black Label which retails around the £100 mark here; TWS had it recently…

They are charging £14.99 for the Kadette Pinotage 2018/19 - this is the same as the Exhibition 2018 which was £11.95 (currently sold out) and Majestic had the 2018 at £11.99. Majestic currently have the 2019 at £12.99 and no doubt TWS will shortly have the 2019 under its Exhibition label.

They have the Kadette 2018 Cape Blend at £14.99, until recently it was at Sainsbury for £11 reduced to £9, I bought at £9 minus 25%

Information. I’m not a fan of pinotage. Probably then best to buy only when have offers, which is often.