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South African Offer Email: Vergelegen

If there were more expressing those views @tom then South African wine prices wouldn’t be as high :rofl:


@alex48 - I agree with you…

SA winemakers are travelling the world. They taste a Napa Valley wine priced at something ridiculous and think ‘my wine taste as good, it should cost as much’.

Writer and list makers on SA wine concentrate on the new names because they want to write about something new, and take the long established estates as a given.

I remember when Ande van Rensburg was a young turk!

Maybe I can try and change my own mind in a couple of weeks when I’m in Pretoria :stuck_out_tongue:

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If Vergelegen, Meerlust and Rustenberg are anything to benchmark by, the inside of a Pangolin’s jockstrap would fetch a good price :wink:
Enjoy Pretoria


Totally unrelated, but this immediately brought to mind the old Graucho Marx quip about the inside of a dog: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read”. :dog2:

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Yup…interesting to see how many stand the test of time and are able to produce vintage after vintage …!

I’m in!

Just went for a case of the GVB, nothing ambitious. What I like most about these offers is that I’m kind of paying in installments, spreading the cost. By time it’s delivered, it’s like free wine :wine_glass:


I was gifted a bottle of Vergelegen Viognier around 15 years ago by an incredibly nice man.
On evening one, it was hopelessly closed down.
Persevered, stuck in the fridge overnight and when broached again was utterly spectacular, being all peaches and apricots.
I checked the Vergelegen website and they don’t do a Viognier anymore.
That is a real shame!!

With all the chat about Vergelegen this week found this lurking under the stairs …for supper this evening…


I’ve also bought some here. Its a bit of an impulse buy, but I’ve made a bid on all three on offer. Perhaps nudged by good memories. Touring Franschhoek and Stellenbosch armed with a Platter’s guide is an awesome experience. A best mate who was getting married to a wonderful South African lady set the scene with their wedding. Having known the groom since early childhood, my dad also being a sheet metal worker had produced a great wine rack for the groom. My role was to fill it as his wedding gift. Once I happened to mention my brief at the wineries they produced some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted as part of the selection process. It was sublime! I felt I needed a good wine trip after teaching over a hundred south africans how to sing in Welsh whilst leading from example :slight_smile: The wedding at Buitenverwachting showed what good wines they had too. Since those happy times, I think I have preferred the local rating systems from Platter’s in the SA market and Penin in ES over international ratings. I would love it if the wine society was comprehensive in its advertising of all the related critic / guide scores. TBH I am thinking maybe a browser plugin that amalgamates all scores / buying information / drinking information may be a simple proposition to develop.


It appears this offer was incorrectly priced and the prices for the more expensive wines are being increased.

The explanation given does not stack up, but hey ho…

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Whoa, that’s a big difference. Thanks for the heads-up, think I’m gonna switch to the cheaper option now…

Like not buying any? :wink:


Very sorry to hear this! If you let me know what doesn’t sound right to you, I’d be happy to get some kind of explanation if that would help? :slight_smile:

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No worries, it was offered too cheap. Good someone spotted the mistake.

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Seems to be the long and short of it. Mistakes happen, seems they’ve gone some way to try to take the edge off the revised pricing. Not sure whether to cancel or not… …more than I wanted to spend but still seems a good price


Just switched mine from the GVB to the Reserve Cabernet with live chat. Still looks like tasty stuff that’ll go the distance, and now my wine budget is slightly less creaky! It’s all good…

Lol so I was correct re my comment last week about the V being very keenly priced, there was some suggestion on here that it wasn’t, which really confused me…


I think I’m going to hang fire and keep the GVB bit then there’s always something else I NEED to buy :see_no_evil:!

The Reserve Cabernet has just appeared in My Wines :sunglasses: