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South African Offer Email: Vergelegen


Just in case others didn’t receive it…


Surely something wrong with the wine names…


I am assuming the second one is Vergelegen V Estate Red, I am sure the right people will action…


Entirely correct and being tweaked as I type - apologies for that and thanks for spotting


If the GVB’s £79 for six in bond, that’s not bad.

The 2012 is currently listed at £29.50, so even including taxes and storage you’re looking at a good tenner’s saving (per bottle) if my maths is right.


Just as a comparison, Meerlust Rubicon 2015, also a Bordeaux blend (?) was offered only £1 a bottle higher EP. This seems to be the going rate :slight_smile: The Rand depreciated perhaps?


Could be. Either way I’m very tempted. Went for the Rubicon last year as well, thought the price looked right, looking forward to drinking it whenever it’s eventually ready…!


Also, if the 2015 is arriving in late 2019, that’s like having a year’s free storage compared with en primeur claret…


Think I might take a punt on the ‘V’ with the reports of 2015 being a very strong vintage for SA and the price looking pretty attractive compared to previous vintages currently available in the UK


I may have just purchased some …:see_no_evil:


Somebody using my credit card appears to have bought some too…


A minor point and I don’t know these wines so may not be a mistake, but are the drinking windows right? I’d have expected the ‘irresistible proposition for aging’ to outlast the cheaper reserve CS. I guess I may have to conduct my own longitudinal study with both.


Sorry about that, it was the only way I could afford five cases of the V…


You’d drink 5 cases on your own, without sharing? That’s terrible!


That’s true. Okay, I’ll take one to a Community BYOB event when it reaches the end of its drinking window. Can’t say fairer than that :+1:


Wow very attractive price on the V. I seem to remember that I paid the equivalent of circa £85-90 for a bottle of the 2009 V back in 2015 which I purchased in South Africa at the vineyard!


Thank you for posting this, just been tempted by the GVB :grinning: Happy Tuesday!


Gosh. Wasn’t so long ago that Vergelegen was on Tesco’s shelves. I’ve still got some of their (then) top red ‘Vergelegen’ 2001 that I bought there for £18.

2015 was a stellar vintage and TWS price is keen, but I’ll pass on this.

There are so many good Bordeaux blends


As a great fan of south african wines I am interested in how the industry has decided that this is the way forward. . They have not in general been offered in this form previously and it is clear that the SA industry is attempting to build up an en primeur - if not secondary - market with some of its wines. They are then priced accordingly and subject to price hikes - look at the Warwick sauvignon blanc/semillion in the recent list whose price has nearly doubled. The wines are unlikely to be in short supply in future or indeed increase in price over and above opening offer/storage costs etc. The price of the V in this offer compares very poorly with some other countries premium products - even bordeaux appears competitive with this - and with the fluctuating exchange rate this may not command the opening offer price in the years to come. Although very reputable Vergelegen does not appear in many of the SA contemporary top wineries list - there are many lists around who appear to favour the younger turks of SA wine rather than the old established wineries. Although not definitive they do suggest that premium pricing should follow the newer more radical establishments ( think Sadie, Anheit etc) which are beginning to be priced accordingly.
I have no problem paying a premium for SA wine, or of giving an interest free loan to the wineries/negotiants which is what en premier effectively is, - not least to support farm workers but suspect these price hikes will merely lead to more BMW’s in the wine lands rather than improvement in workers conditions etc.
Only my twopence worth.


I think I’ll pass: