South Africa: Where Have They Gone?

I have been monitoring the TWS offering of some of the great names in South African wine this year and they have all but disappeared, except for some EP offers (if you want to buy 6) and single bottles for a few producers. So, Rustenberg, Vergelegen, Warwick, Quoin Rock, Raats, etc…where have they gone?

Supply issues due to the Covid outbreak in South Africa. Wineries were ban from selling wine even exported. Not sure but think the ban was lifted, then may have been reinstated.

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Yeah, they’ve had it hard. Summary below, as well as the most recent domestic sales ban you refer to from 12 July to 17 August. I can’t imagine how complicated the logistics side of things (port capacity as mentioned below just one example) must have been, even when they were allowed to export again

From The Drinks Business

Previous restrictions

An initial ban on alcohol exports was announced on 25 March and came into effect at midnight on 26 March. This was then lifted on 7 April, only to be reinstated on 16 April.

Exports resumed from Friday 1 May, while the government eased restrictions on domestic alcohol sales last month. Retailers were permitted to sell alcohol on four days per week.

Back in April, Wines of South Africa estimated the export disruption could result in revenue loss of over R1 billion (£44 million, FOB value).

Jo Wehring, UK market manager for Wines of South Africa, told the drinks business : “Although there was a short period when exports could resume during the five week lockdown, very little was exported as the port in Cape Town was operating at around 25% capacity.”

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I’m sure it will be one of the topics discussed at this event


So 44 wines listed at the moment. I don’t have @Taffy-on-Tour’s instant recall of current listings, but it does seem low. If it is just logistical challenges, hoping we will see a few more added to those 44 in the next few months.

Have to say though, I’m very excited about the Exhibition Chenin, made by Chris Alheit, which I know is going to appear before too much longer.


I’m hoping for some rocking horse from Thorne and daughters sometime soon :+1:


I plead guilty to buying the last 4 bottles in stock of the 2016 Cartology last weekend…