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South Africa - Platter's 5* wines

Yes, well, not quite a coincidence :wink:


Great write up on Elitsistreview too.

One case duly acquired.

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“2017 is an excellent vintage in Stellenbosch (vintage is terribly important in South Africa, much like France and quite unlike Australia).”



The pain is real.

Thanks for flagging. Assume TWS will bang it in a mixed case with something like this:


I wonder how that compares to Duncan Savage’s Salt River? The description could be of that wine! Mind you, if that really is 12%, I’m interested!

Has this wound you up?? :sweat_smile: :rofl:


It’s just one of those where I started reading the article and was thinking “oh, this will be interesting and thought provoking, I have the 2015 in my wine fridge” and then I get to that line (and perhaps it’s a bit of a throwaway line?) but it’s just like… C’mon man… Australia is massive.
Margaret River to Tassie to the Hunter Valley is a 6000km journey - 1 way!
To put that in perspective, London to Moscow and back again is 250km shorter!

But it’s fine - the weather and vintages are all the same and has no importance to the final product. :roll_eyes:

#rantover :grin:

PS, Sorry for going off topic!


They will be selling some - whether or not they package it up with something else or not, I don’t know.
Presumably if all you want is the KPS, you have to buy the mixed case and return the ones you don’t want!

For contxt, back in 2019 or 2020 (I’ve tried to erase the detail), they sold the KPS individually and then also as part of a vertical.

About 2 or 3 months later they then included the blow out 2015 in with a mixed case of south African’s (including reds and whites with VERY different aging profiles).

It was just a frustrating process as the 2015. easily could of been offered in the vertical (in order to deter vultures cherry picking the wine).

So this was an off the cuff, sarcastic comment. Apologies!

yeah, it was this case for £145


I’ve not touched any of mine yet. The Warwick Professor Black might be worth looking at this summer perhaps?

Dont know where to put this . In the ultimate guide to south african wine there a link to a video.“Boekenhoutskloof’s Marc Kent explains why you should be buying South African wine…”
When one tries to view it you cant ,its marked PRIVATE.

I was initially underwhelmed by this wine. Maybe I drank it too cold.

But it grew on me afterwards. I am not a big drinker of SauvSem, but I can see the care and effort that was put on this.

For the record, my benchmark South African white wine is still Five Soldiers.

Same - hence no massive desire to open it but thought maybe with some sunshine and BBQ it could work.

Also agree although Rocking Horse 2015 drunk recently was excellent. And De Morgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc is also pretty smart.


I’ve now been told that they won’t be bringing in the 2017…

Should have paid more attention. Now sold out.

If you like, I could sell you one of mine at cost once it lands - L&W are good like that, I can send individual bottles in the UK for free!

BTW, I used to play tennis in New Barnet…