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South Africa - Platter's 5* wines


Yeah I understand the 0.5% tolerance (0.8% for Australian wine - the rogues that we are!)

Just seems odd that a wine that they would have had complete analysis on before having to print labels is 0.47% away from what is stated vs 0.03% than what they could have opted for.

It’s just the way my brain works that I find this sort of stuff interesting - I’m sure it bores everyone else!


Depends where they intend to sell most of it…then you label to that markets laws.

This is why most "premium’ US wines are over labelled when they are sold in the UK/EU with the % as per our regs

we love geekery !


I put mine in reserves where it appears as a case of 5!

Someone in the warhouse appears to have drunk the Mary Delany…anyone else have the same glitch?


Yup, I too seem to get this when I click on the case in ‘My Reserves’, although the wine is listed in My Wines


That’s one way to resolve the drink dates mismatch


Yes, the same.

In the meantime I acquired a bottle of the 1995 vintage of the Paul Sauer (to get a sneak preview)… planning to drink it in September when back from holiday.


Yep, exactly the same, glad its not just me!