South Africa Growers walk around tasting 5/7/23

I’m considering going to the Edinburgh - South Africa growers - Walkaround tasting South Africa Growers walk around tasting in Edinburgh on 5th July and was wondering if anyone else might be thinking of going along. The only possible stopper for me is that the earliest train I can get back to Inverness is long after the last train back to my place so I’ll probably have to stop in a hotel which rather ups the cost of the event! So I’m not quite definite yet!

I would definitely have gone however I’ll be on holiday in Spain at that time. It’s a real shame as there haven’t been many interesting ones here for a while. Also, Tom Cannavan used to do a really good annual event November each year but these stopped during Pandemic and don’t know if they will return.

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I went to one of the Cannavan ones in Glasgow a few years back but found the breadth of it a bit too much and feel I’d rather do more focused ones like this.

Indeed. I used to avoid most of the walk round apart from some fizz to start or cleanse the palate, and focus on the bookable masterclasses which were generally around 20 people or so in a tutored tasting environment with 6-8 wines.

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I did go to the Ch Ksara masterclass on that occasion which, whilst very interesting, was more about history than tasting. But yes if I went again I’d probably target a few masterclasses.